Why is the entire system presumptuous of holding all elections on EVMs?  — important question…

      “Two forces are dominant in the country and in the world. A diplomacy of compensation, price, punishment and discrimination, which has no moral constraints, whose goal is to make the entire living creature against the laws of nature and make everyone, including man, helpless and helpless.!

          The second power is, with the help of reason and scientism, to make man sane.

              The power that strives to make man is the power of rationalism.

            These two powers are filled with bloody revolutions in the form of revolutions and counter-revolutions in the ancient history of the country and the world.

             To give an example of this, the first human rights movement of Erukagina in Greece in 2350 BC in world history, and the subsequent…

       Dhammakranti by Lord Buddha (which was bloodless),

          “Charter of Madinah” from the Revolution of Prophet Muhammad

          An outbreak of the revolution of Jesus Christ in which Jesus was crucified.

         After the American Revolution, just 75 years later, the history of the conflict between blacks and whites is the American Civil War in which the democratic values of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity were won by Abraham Lincoln.

          Then came the French Revolution which had its roots in economic inequality. 95% of people owned 5% of agriculture, while 5% owned 95% of agriculture. Due to the extreme of such economic disparity, the French Revolution was able to succeed due to the ideological leadership of democratic thinkers like Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot.

Then the Russian Revolution of 1917 was also caused by economic inequality, and there by Lenin

  Led a bloody revolution based on the philosophy of Marxism.

             But the disintegration of Russia proves that a brief bloody revolution by force of gun and sword cannot last forever.

 Similarly, the imperialism that emerged from the womb of the Scientific Revolution was transformed into World War I and World War II.

         The root of all these bloody revolutions of human rights lies in this diplomacy, which tries to bring about a wave of counter-revolution, which has been trying to keep the world in its thrall for thousands of years.

     To take an example of this…

            When 1500 years ago in this country (India) the people of six types of race namely Aja, Yakshu, Shigru, Pani, Naga and Dravida lived by inventing the principles of 100% democracy, freedom, equality, justice and fraternity (based on the law of nature).

         In the same contemporary Greece, the people there have been living by inventing the same kind of democratic values. Democracy was 100% developed in these two countries on this planet. At such a time this Aryan culture based on diplomacy was roaming around the world trying to find out where its diplomatic influence would fit in the whole world.

           Then he realized that the democratic people of Greece and India can fall prey to him (diplomacy), then he started this experiment. They started making subcultural invasions in both countries at the same time but over the years in gangs.

           Some of the descendants who were victims of this attack died, those who remained surrendered to their superstitions, delusions, imaginary stories, that is the Bahujan society here……!

However, there was a conflict between their clans over who would rule over this surrendered society, which is known in history as Dasharaj War. In this war, a group named Bharat became the strongest in the group of Aryas (specially Aryans also have ego, they don’t have one…..

 When the time comes to share and eat, the selfishness between them wakes up. ) hence this country was named India.

           And since then the first attempt to check the natural revolution provided by nature in the form of this Aryan symbol revolution took place in Greece and India four and a half thousand years ago and they succeeded in it………!

        After that, through his diplomacy for thousands of years, he made many anti-natural laws, anti-scientism, anti-rationalism, which always prevent man from becoming rational, a policy-friendly regulation which is called “Manusmriti”.

         On the basis of that Manusmriti, women were forever vilified as super-shudras (when every human being is born from the bosom of a mother, what is more, the man who wrote this Manusmriti also came from his mother’s womb, didn’t he.. If that mother is super-shudra, how can he be pure…?) .and the extreme extreme of this policy was that the common people here were living and dying and dying and dying in a directionless and miserable condition. Even Shudras had to do everything for alms of wet food. In short the common people were living a life of slavery………!!!!!!

Siddhartha was born in such a bad time. He understood the suffering not only of this country but of the entire human race and abdicated to remove it forever.

 Modified and provided to us.

         The Dhamma that is scientific + rationalist = humanist. This first Dhammakranti marked the beginning of the Pratikranti (Arya) which was based on the democratic values of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity, according to the law of nature…

     It was because of this revolution that the Kutiniti was destroyed and the common people started accepting this new idea, after that Emperor Ashoka, Emperor Kanishka and Emperor Harshavardhana gave this doctrine i.e. Dhamma the royal shelter and the Kutiniti was further destroyed and the revolution was destroyed……..!

             But, once again Pushyamitra Shunga killed Brahmadrata and the strategy was successful again…!

          After that, the country became a victim of diplomacy for almost thirteen and a half hundred years. During this period there were many political attacks from outside but no one could show the courage to destroy this diplomacy…..!

           In these thirteen hundred and fifteen years, Mahatma Phule and Savitribai Phule made a great effort to encourage this diplomacy by spreading education…

          Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj also tried to support this diplomacy, but it was not rooted out. But the task of uprooting her by the roots……..Dr. The great man Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote the Constitution of India


The constitutional revolution after 1500 years in the history of the country is…

  Diplomacy could not bear the wrath of the first Dhammakranti against the laws of nature.

         In fact, even more anger could not be tolerated because of this constitutional revolution.

 That is why this diplomacy has hatched a conspiracy to destroy this constitution in the last 75 years and on the occasion of its centenary year 2025, this diplomacy, ie RSS and BJP, has laid the foundation for its destruction.

          For that they took a snail’s pace from the beginning and now from 2014 they have taken a corona’s pace………!


 No matter how many attacks you make, Bhima’s fort will not remain until we show you that it is strong in rhythm….

        Because, even if we have our differences…

 Sacrifice life in the name of Jayabhim, sacrifice life…

       So the whole system is presumptuous that no matter what happens EVMs are not to be deleted and ballot papers are not to be counted 100%. So that after the bar 400 is crossed, it will be easy to change the constitution…

       This can be clearly seen if we trace some of the important deliberate incidents of the last several years.

 (1) This country benefited from a prime minister who repeatedly lied.

 (2) The Prime Minister who claims to put Rs 15 lakh in the account of every Indian could not put even 15000/-.

 (3) Imposed demonetisation without reason.

 (4) Promise to provide slab concrete houses to every Indian by 15th August 2022, Independence Day.

(5) Bringing up the Pulwama case of soldiers protecting the country (quoting Satya Pal Malik).

 (6) Prime Minister not even visiting Manipur while it was burning for 6 months.

 (7) Boycott of his speech by 75% of the MPs in the US White House.

 (8) Appointment of directors of own party in majority in companies manufacturing EVMs.

 (9) Making Deshpremala Private Limited by manufacturing Agni Viras.

 (10) E.D. to impeach the opposition parties, s. B. i. Use as per your convenience.

 (11) Taking two and a half lakh crore rupees by force from RBI and not accounting it to CAG.

 (12 ) Not holding any press conference in 10 years.

 (13 ) What happened to providing 2 crore jobs every year…?

 (14 ) Indirectly interfering with the judicial process and obtaining judgments like ours.

 (15) At one point the US had a 10-year ban on entry into the US without the Prime Minister (only because of the Godhra incident).

 (16) Doing everything possible to compel the system (Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Journalism) to hold elections on EVMs.

 (17) No matter how much awareness is raised against EVM, no one should be allowed to publicize it even if it comes on the streets.

 (18) Ignoring the fact that 750 farmers were martyred in the farmers’ movement.

 (19) Possession of all electronic and print media on payment of money.

 (20) Adani, the beggar of the people by giving the entire country under Ambani’s control.

 (21) Mujor Prime Minister who waived the loan of 16 lakh crores of the capitalists, but kept silent on the loan waiver of the farmers and spoke only the language of Hindu Rashtra.

 (22) Not allowing any fellow minister to speak in front of the press.

 (23 ) Not allowing the President to attend the opening of the new Parliament.

 (24 ) Hijacking the entire system, taking away their constitutional rights.

(25) Prime Minister who made a murderer the home minister of the country.

 (26 ) Prime Minister giving 5 kg grain to 85 crore people as a favor to the poor of the country.

 ( 27 ) Some liken him to Hitler. Oh, Hitler was not taking a single rupee from the German treasury for his own expenses. His personal expenses were covered by the royalties from his book Mine Kanf, which he wrote from prison.

   This jacket of lakhs is changed every day with what money…..?

       Will the anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, anti-democratic, power-leading power be put back in power, which can be given so many proofs…..?

    Even if we don’t vote EVM will put them in power…..

  So what to do…?

       For that, now let what will happen…..

  But, after the election… just as they prepared for the last 75 years to end the constitution…!

  I am going to plan for the next five years to destroy the anti-constitutional forces forever.

       All those constitutionalists, rationalists, scientists, humanitarians of India should selflessly dedicate their body, mind and money and contribute to this nation building…


          Anant kerbaji Bhavare

 (Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689 )