A laborer lost his life in a two-wheeler collision…  — Irresponsible bravado of a bike-riding minor in uncontrolled driving..

Diksha Lalita Devanand Karhade

           News editor


     Children spoiled by excessive pampering of their parents are insisting on getting a bike from their parents, but they are riding a bike even when they are not old enough, and needless to say that the speed of such a child is very high while driving a bike.

         They drive fast cars with two wheelers. Due to their reckless attitude, they not only put their own lives in danger, but sometimes lose control and take the lives of all the common citizens.

         One such incident took place in Sindewahi taluk. The scenario is that a Maroti Soma Meshram aged about 50 years from Mauja Sindewahi was going to work on Vitta Bhatti to support his family.

         As usual on March 21, between 12 and 1 pm, he was coming to Sindewahi along with his colleagues from the main road from Navargaon to Sindewahi. The boy lost control of his bike and hit Maroti Meshram, who was on his way to the pedestrian house.

The impact was so strong that Issam was seriously injured on the spot, some conscientious person called an ambulance to the spot and immediately admitted the accident victim to Sindewahi Rural Hospital, but soon the doctor declared Issam dead.

          A poor common man who wakes up in the morning and works hard to provide for his family, such a common man lost his life in the reckless driving of this young child.

          A terrible crisis has fallen on the family due to the death of the breadwinner of the house. This common citizen was struggling to support his family. He did not think that today would be the end of his life. Parents need to pay attention to the age of the child and the lives of others when there is evidence of over-indulgence of the child. .

          Today it will not be wrong to say that my father gives license to the minors to play with his life and the life of common citizens.

         Today’s minors are playing with their own lives and others’ lives by driving their bikes at high speed. Because of this they are ruining someone’s whole family, today that poor laborer’s family is ruined.