Supreme Court + Diplomacy = Victory of EVM…..

    “People, lawyers of the Supreme Court, lawyers of other states of the country all joined together to fight street and court battles. . 

     Finally the defeat of people, democracy, constitution and victory of diplomacy and EVM + VVPAT was given by Supreme Court……


 What are the reasons?

        So even though the world is kicking with EVM experience, our voter population is the largest in the world. So we have EVM + VVPAT right.

        Similarly, 100% counting and verification of VVPAT is not possible now with implementation of code of conduct….

      In Kerala in Mock Drill if BJP got some more votes then it is not right to say that all EVM system is wrong due to mistake immediately…..

      To all the doubtful questions of the petitioners, the Supreme Court gave a clean chit to the Election Commission by asking some questions and warning them to answer some questions.


But, given the reasons given, the Supreme Court gave a clean chit to the Election Commission, dismissed all the petitions, let’s listen to the petitioners no matter what, but gave the verdict as if it had been decided in favor of the EVM. But did not give ‘justice’ to the people.. ..

        Well!Supreme Court has said that once the code of conduct is implemented, it is no longer possible to delete EVMs or count 100% of VVPATs…..

     All these petitions were pending for how many months……?

     The protest of the lawyers of the Supreme Court, the people’s protest, for how many months has been going on….?

     This should have been considered by the court…..mock drill is a sample, how correct is it to find evidence in that sample and ignore it…?

       So, now…..

    It is necessary to fight the battle in the supreme court of the people… the court of consciousness….

     Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not held a single press conference for the last 10 years…..!

     Not a single declaration of 2014 and 2019 has been fulfilled…..!

    Gas, diesel, petrol prices skyrocketed in 10 years…..!

        By clipping the wings of opposition parties i.e. washing powder of Gujarat cleansed those tainted with corruption and shamelessly kept silent about it straight away…….!

       While such

             In 2019 Ab ki bar 300 par reached attention on the strength of EVM……!

Now in 2024, say 400 pars, if that happens, or comes in a clear majority, or does a hat-trick again in this way…

      What should this mean?

          Should 10 years work receipt be considered….?

      Because the history of this country till date is that no government, no matter how much good work it has done honestly, can never come to power for the third time in a democracy…….

     If he scored a hat-trick after such a 10-year history, then it should be considered a victory for EVM….!

    If that happens or now the dream of par 400 will come true…

       So, at least for the satisfaction of the people, will the Supreme Court order the Election Commission?

      That now you take any 10 Lok Sabha constituencies from which BJP has won by a large margin and re-vote on ballot paper in those 10 constituencies and then if BJP loses in those 10 constituencies then……..

   Will you see the result and order elections to be held on ballot paper for the second time…..?

       Soon our country and system will be proved to be in democratic way…..

    Otherwise, we will be racing towards chaos at the speed of Corona…..

     This will never be tolerated by constitutional Indian citizens…..

       Because, we (people of India) will not allow EVMs to take away this fundamental right of voting which we (people of India) get once in 5 years……



  We are ready to do whatever it takes.


      Anant kerbaji Bhavare

        Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689