Mauja Ambazari-Nagpur serious case hearing completed..  — Varora District Sessions Court will decide on 30th April..

Pradeep Ramteke

        Chief Editor

      Finally, Vinod Khobragade made a strong argument in Mauja Ambazari-Nagpur case today and said that on 30/04/2024 Hon’ble Special District and Sessions Court Varora- Chandrapur will pass order in both the cases.

        Prosecutor Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade filed a case against the minister and revenue officer and Garuda Company for criminal action under the Atrocity section and made a strong argument today…

       Interestingly, many lawyers of the accused objected and objected that the said case is in Nagpur district, so how could a criminal application be filed in Chandrapur-Varora?

       Then the plaintiff asked whether he had read Article 51K.K.1 to 11 of the Indian Constitution?

      First, I am a citizen of the country? What is the duty of a citizen? If it is the right and duty of all citizens to protect forests, land, national monuments, don’t you know? When this question was raised, all the lawyers became silent.

         Prosecutor Vinod Khobragade pointed out in the court today that the Hon’ble Supreme Court seized the Government of India in the Manipur case and asked how many O FIRs were registered in the country.

Also, according to Indian Penal Code 1973 section 179, do you know that a case can be filed in the nearest court if an incident happens anywhere?

          Many senior lawyers were present on behalf of the accused and the judge said that the order will be passed on 30/4/2024.

         Ambazari-Nagpur Lake, the revenue officer had shown a garden in 2020 and gave land to Garuda Company on a 30-year lease.

          On that place, Nagpur Municipal Corporation had built a memorial to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, which was demolished by the Garuda Company using a bulldozer.

           Note that under the Scheduled Castes Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989, Amendment Act 2016 Chapter 2, Section 3(1)(n) to destroy, damage, or deface any structure held sacred or highly revered by the people of the Scheduled Castes or Tribes. Doing is a criminal offence. And that crime, Minister Maharashtra Government, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur, Municipal Corporation Nagpur, District Magistrate Nagpur, Sub Divisional Officer Nagpur, Tehsildar Nagpur Mandal Officer Nagpur, Garud Company Nagpur, showing garden to Ambazari Nagpur lake, Dr. It was brought to the notice of the court that Babasaheb Ambedkar’s memorial has been destroyed by using bulldozers.

          The judge said that the order will be passed on 30/04/2024.

One note is to follow the law, the highest responsibility lies with the court, the judge cannot shirk his responsibility.

          It was written in my writ petition that although the Hon’ble High Court, Judge has the right to file orders, directions and writs according to Article 226 of the Constitution of India, the Judge has no right.

     Also, even though the lower court was empowered to take cognizance of the offense under Section 190 CRPC, it also prescribed that I had no jurisdiction, in my case, which is not correct.

      Collector Chandrapur says in RTI we cannot provide video recording and CCTV information?

        Failure to provide information can also lead to criminal charges, High Court judgments have…

         Justice of the Supreme Court says that people are afraid, do not speak, are not aware, so injustices are committed.

          Honorable President Government of India, Hon’ble Sir Judge Supreme Court New Delhi, Hon’ble Law Commission New Delhi has filed a serious complaint against Justice Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade responsible and vigilant citizen and law student and constitutional scholar Varora Chandrapur.

        One note in our country is rule of law not arbitrary.

           Finally, today, on 25/04/2024, the Hon’ble Special District and Sessions Court Varora at Mauza Ambazari-Nagpur, showing a garden to Ambazari Lake in the year 2020, bulldozed the publicly owned monument of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at that place, crores of Buddhist society In the case where the sentiments of the brothers were hurt, the accused Minister, Government of Maharashtra, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur, District Magistrate Nagpur, Garud Company and others, were argued in the case. Also in the second case, Mr. Prashant Subhash Bedse Tehsildar and others were involved in the atrocity case in the tribal land scam today. The hearing has taken place.

Argument itself has been forced by the prosecutor Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade, a responsible and conscious citizen, law student and constitutional scholar Varora Chandrapur.

          The judge has said that the order will be passed in both cases on 30/04/2024 in 32 and 3.

         Just yesterday in the second case filed against District Collector Chandrapur Vinay Gowda GC and others in the Special Court of Hon’ble District and Sessions Court Varora, Vinod Khobragade made a powerful argument.

         The judge said that he orders in both the cases on 08/05/2024.

         The judge registered both the special case registers and passed an order under section 202 crpc and sought an objective report from Thanedar Varora.

           Thanedar Varora, without any inquiry, wrote a bogus report and submitted it to the court under a writ petition, now there are five types of writ petitions to Thanedar Varora and they are only Hon. It is filed in the High Court only according to Article 226 of the Constitution of India, not in the District and Sessions Courts, they are not aware of it, the police administration is so ignorant, how can you imagine how the report would have been given?

       Yesterday, Vinod Khobragade demanded action against the police administration as per section 219 for submitting the bogus report in the court.

         The plaintiff himself Vinod Khobragade and responsible and vigilant citizens and students of law and scholars of the constitution and Talathi have made the argument.

          Plaintiff Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade vs Accused Sh. Vinay Gowda G. C. Collector Saheb Chandrapur and Etar have been heard in atrocity case number 48 and 52.

Today, there is a hearing in case number 32 and 3, in which Hon’ble Minister Maharashtra Government, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Bidri, Collector Nagpur, Deputy Commissioner Municipal Corporation Nagpur, Sub Divisional Officer Nagpur, Tehsildar Nagpur, Garuda Company Nagpur, and the then Collector of Chandrapur. Ajay Gulhane, Tehsildar Prashant Subhash Bedse, Manikgarh Cement Company and others are hearing.

           Specially, a year ago, the same Hon’ble District Magistrate Chandrapur Mr. Vinay Gowda. C. He was taken to Delhi by Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade, who filed a case with the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, New Delhi, and the Sanadi officer was arrested in the entire Chandrapur district of Maharashtra in India, this history is fresh.

         Now recently, on 17/04/2024 Hon’ble District Superintendent of Police Chandrapur has also issued a notice to Hon’ble National Commission for Scheduled Castes New Delhi and has asked for an objective report within 15 days.

        After 335 people filed a serious complaint, no action has been taken by the police administration.

       Partisanship and discrimination, knowingly, purposely, mentally, physically, financially, emotionally, emotionally, deliberately rejecting nomination papers in Lok Sabha elections, misusing position and authority, depriving fundamental rights, submitting bogus reports to superiors, many such charges Collector Chandrapur They have been placed with evidence.

Hon’ble Law Commission New Delhi, as well as Hon’ble President Madam Government of India New Delhi, and Hon’ble Supreme Court Sir Justice New Delhi, and Chief Election Commission New Delhi and Chief Election Commissioner Maharashtra, as well as Election Inspector Chandrapur, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur, Superintendent of Police Chandrapur, And CBI, ED, ACB, as well as all national party presidents have been given serious complaints and have demanded action against them and their immediate suspension and dismissal from service.

          In the sense that the five-judge constitution bench of the Supreme Court has recently given a judgment that not all public servants (salaried servants) who go outside the law and do illegal and illegal work will get protection.

       First note that according to Article 141 of the Constitution of India, orders, directives and judgments of the Supreme Court are binding on all courts and citizens of the country.

         The complainant himself Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade is a responsible and vigilant citizen and law student and constitutional scholar Varora Chandrapur.

        One note in our country is rule of law not arbitrary..

        Article 14 of the Constitution of India states that all are equal before the law, even if there is a judge, they are not equal before the law.

        According to Article 17 of the Constitution of India, partiality, discrimination, depriving a candidate of fundamental rights is a cognizable offence.

        According to Article 226 of the Constitution of India (15th Amendment Act) 1963, the Hon’ble High Court has been given the right to issue orders and directives against any government, authority or individual, yet judges are helpless to deliver justice and rights.

       If in the history of the country all the MPs of India can and have unanimously passed a bin in parliament for their salary hike and allowances, why can’t they pass a unanimous resolution to impeach a collector for depriving them of their fundamental rights?? ?

In the complaint, I have demanded that for the interest of the country, for the interest of society, for nation building, to save democracy, to protect the constitution, to impeach him and to dismiss him from service so that no citizen is deprived of his fundamental rights.

       In detail, that means, on 12/January/2018, four senior judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court told the public in a press conference against the Chief Justice that democracy is in danger, ???? Isn’t everything right in court? Is there a mess?

       Citizens of all India ignored this matter, because the court was and is a place of trust, but if the judge does not perform his duty, if he fails in his duty, then a question mark will arise?

      Supreme Court Justice says people are oppressed unjustly because they are afraid.

       If the people are not awake, the Supreme Court judge also says that independence will end, the present Sir Judge Shri. D. Y Chandrachud Saheb New Delhi has said.

       Whereas the 15th Amendment Bill of 1962, and enacted into law in 1963, provided that in a writ petition to the Hon’ble High Court under clause (1-A) of Article 226 of the Constitution of India, any Government, authority or person, the Government of India Inspite of being able to issue orders and directions, a two-judge bench at Bombay High Court, Nagpur, on 15/04/2024 filed Writ Petition No. 2510/2024 by Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade for orders and directions for action against Collector Chandrapur, ( Not against the election,) yet the judge says we have no jurisdiction so the writ petition is disposed of? How much tragedy?

Aggrieved, the candidate has filed a writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

       Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr. DY Chandrachud Saheb, New Delhi has requested to take strong action to get justice and rights.

       In the sense that the election decision officer and collector, not in Chandrapur district, but in the whole of Maharashtra and India, during the election, biased and discriminated against many candidates like me, even though their affidavits were correct, by changing their surnames, issuing inspection notices in bogus names, bogus receipts without proof of education. Unnumbered, xerox receipt

  By giving and keeping the original receipt, then by rejecting the nomination form, depriving him of the fundamental right, all these are negligent, irresponsible, negligent, willful, willful, willful, dereliction of duty?

       Even if you file a writ petition under Articles 226 and 227 of the Constitution of India, the judges are helpless to deliver justice.

       I have seen my own example with open eyes.

 Justice of the Supreme Court says that people are not awake, so injustice is oppressed?

 Issued in public interest

 For national interest

 For social welfare

 For nation building

 Society should be aware..

      One note, in our country there is rule of law and not arbitrariness, the judge pointed out*

      The judge said that he would pass the order in both the cases on 08/05/2024.

        Today, in two cases, 32 and 3, the order will be passed on 30/04/2024, the judge said.

      Article 14 of the Constitution of India states that all are equal before the law.

     All the society of India should be awake and vote 100% in the Lok Sabha elections and send a good candidate to the Parliament, because the law is made there.

    Released in public interest..


  Vinod Kavaduji Khobragade

   Responsible and vigilant citizens and students of law and scholars of the Constitution and Talathi, Warora, Dist.Chandrapur…