“Dying is allowed, fear is not allowed.- AAP MP Sanjay Singh…  — Those who are oppressors and oppressors are being defeated in the country.  — Nothing was found at Mr. Sanjay Singh’s house, even after this, ED arrested him…


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

          A team of the Enforcement Directorate went to the Delhi residence of Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh yesterday morning and conducted a thorough day-long search of his residence in connection with the Delhi liquor scam and asked him many questions and recorded his answers.

      Even after searching his house, MP Sanjay Singh informed the people of the country by making public the video clip of the ED officials that he was involved in the liquor scam case of the Delhi government.

            Along with this, the ED officers have said that they have been arrested in connection with the Delhi liquor scam case without any evidence and while expressing their ideological feelings to the citizens of the country, they have said that “Dying is allowed, fear is not allowed,…

             Again, while making his secret public, he has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who oppresses the opponents and harasses them openly, is a coward.

          Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not take action and arrests industrialist Gautam Adani when there is evidence that his supporters in other parties are corrupt. Criminals in his cabinet provide protection to ministers and officers.

However, ED raids on opposition MPs, MLAs, opposition party leaders and journalists who expose the chaos of the central government to the citizens of the country by collecting real information about many cases and events, MP Sanjay Singh has also said many times with evidence that action is being taken against them by the police. 

          Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party and its supporting parties are getting defeated in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the ED and CBI under the central government are indiscriminately arresting the opponents in unfair cases, defaming them and harassing them. MP Sanjaysig has also said that this has been started by the central government.

             Aam Aadmi Party President and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has often said in press conferences that the Delhi government’s liquor scam is bogus. However, MP Sanjay Singh’s name was included in the charge sheet filed in the court in 2020 by the relevant investigation officers of the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the Delhi liquor scam. was mentioned.

       After a lot of uproar over this in the political sphere, AAP held a press conference and said that the officials of the Central Investigation Department have apologized in connection with MP Sanjay Singh.

           However, the then Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, was arrested by the Central Investigation Department for corruption in the implementation of the new Excise Duty Policy for the year 2022-2022, as of today, he is in jail.

           They are accused of destruction of evidence, falsification of accounts, corruption, giving and receiving excessive money.