Under N. World Human Rights Organization India,”Gondia District President and District General Secretary Posts Appointment…

Diksha Lalita Devanand Karhade

                News editor

           Maharashtra State Executive President Pradeep Ramteke, under the guidance of National President Honorable Mr. Pandurang Narwade and National General Secretary Budhrao Kotnake, has appointed promising and conscientious individuals to the post of Gondia District President and District General Secretary.

         Rajni Wasnik

 District President Gondia

        According to the suggestion of Maharashtra State Vice-President Honorable Madhyam Manish Sawai madam, A.Rajni Jitendra Wasnik has been appointed as Gondia District President and A.P. Bhagyashree Madhukarrao Meshram has been appointed as District General Secretary…

Prof. Bhagyashree Meshram..

District General Secretary Gondia

          Information has been received that Maharashtra State Executive President will send the form on Tuesday 30th April to National President Hon’ble Mr. Pandurang Narwade Saheb for approval of his post.