Breaking News…The tiger hunted the bull in the afternoon…  — A shocking incident..  — Farmers quit farming.

     Kamal Singh Yadav

 Taluka representative Parashivani

 Parshivani:- Tiger has been on the prowl in Narhar Dhawalapur Shiwar under Nagalwadi buffer zone under Parshivani taluk.

           At around two o’clock in the afternoon today, Sitaram Tularam Adamachi, a farmer from Dhawalapur, took his bull to a stream near the field to drink water.

                Bull owner Sitaram Tularam Adamachi experienced the thrilling incident of killing the bull in front of his eyes. After this incident, he somehow saved his life.

            Due to this, it has become difficult for the farmers of this area to do agricultural work in the fear of tigers, and fear has arisen among the citizens about the behavior of tigers.

            Citizens and farmers of Mauja Dhawalapur, Narhar Ghatkukda have demanded that the forest department take measures to deal with the tiger.

           Last year too, the tiger had hunted many oxen of the farmers of Dhawalapur village.

           The farmers have stopped going to the fields as the tigers are seen in the afternoon. At present, the tiger is roaming around the fields. Due to this, the farmers in this area have become difficult to do their farm work.


 Drive away the tiger immediately..


              A generation of farmers including Dhawalapur sarpanch Priti Madavi, Mithun Uike, Ramakrishna Bhalavi, Sahadev Neti, Arun Adamachi, Rama Bhalavi, Nilesh Uike, Pradeep Dhurve have demanded that the forest department take measures to expel the tiger from this area.

         Farmer Sitaram Tularam Adamachi has demanded compensation for the loss of his bull in a tiger attack through Dhavalapur Narhar Forest Guard Mahavir Surpam to the Forest Range Officer.