Big breking…  — Arrested Deputy executive engineer of mahavitaran…

Rushi Sahare


       Gadchiroli, 17th: Officers of Anti-Corruption Department arrested Vinod Bhoyer, deputy executive engineer of Mahavitaran in Alapalli, red-handed today while accepting a bribe of Rs.

          According to ACB, as the domestic electricity meter of the complainant customer is faulty, a fine of Rs 2 lakh 20 thousand will have to be paid, Deputy Executive Engineer Vinod Bhoyer said. Further, the amount of fine was reduced to 73 thousand 698 rupees. However, Bhoyer demanded Rs 40,000 from the complainant customer as compensation for reducing the fine. It was decided to pay 20 thousand rupees as the first phase. However, the customer complained to the anti-bribery department in Gadchiroli as he did not want to pay the bribe. Accordingly, the officers of this department laid a trap today and caught Vinod Bhoyer red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 20 thousand from a customer. A case has been registered in Aheri police station in this regard.

           Under the guidance of ACB Superintendent of Police Rahul Maknikar, Additional Superintendent of Police Sachin Kadam, Police Inspector Sridhar Bhosle, Police Inspector Shivaji Rathod, Assistant Faujdar Sunil Peddiwar, Havaldar Natthu Dhote, Rajesh Padmagirwar, Kishore Thakur, Sandeep Udan took this action.