Bhandara District Executive of N.World Human Rights Organization approved..

 Shekhar Isapure

     Deputy Editor

       Under the guidance of Mr. Pandurang Narwade, National President of N. World Human Rights Organization and National General Secretary Budhrao Kotnake, under the proper instructions and supervision of Maharashtra State Executive President Pradeep Ramteke, the construction of N. World Human Rights Organization is going on in the state of Maharashtra.

        In accordance with this, the Maharashtra State Officer, Kumar Sanjay Tembhurne, Mr. Nilay Zode, Mr. Shekhar Eshapure, Mr. Rigved Yevle had given suggestions regarding the approval of Bhandara District Executive.

        Pursuant to his suggestion, “Bhandara District Executive, today dated 12/05/2024, has been approved by Maharashtra State Executive President Pradeep Ramteke on Sunday.”


    — According to the following Bhandara District Officer ….

 1) Shri.Rajesh Bindraj Khobragade,: District President..
 2) Mr. Manoj Rajesh Nikhade :- District Vice President…
 3) Shri.Ashish Sharadrao Chedge :- District General Secretary..
 4) Mrs. Pushpa Rajesh Kapgate :- District Secretary…
 5) Mrs. Pratibha Ashok Pardhi :- District Treasurer..
 6) Mr. Vipool Ashok Rogade :- District Member..
 7) Shri.Ranjit Jayabuddha Bansod,:-District Member..
 8) Shri.Amol Satish Nakshine, :- District Member…
 9) Shri.Kisan Shalikram Sonwane,:-District Member…


             All the above newly appointed Bhandara District Officers of N. World Human Rights Organization are well-known persons in the social sector and it is expected that all the officers will perform their duties for the benefit of the citizens under their jurisdiction, Maharashtra State Vice President Madhima Manish Sawai, Maharashtra State Organizer Dilip Tandale, Maharashtra State Treasurer Diksha Lalita Devanand Karhade. , Maharashtra State Advisor Darshana Meshram, Vidarbha Pradesh President Pratibha Anil Khobragade, Vidarbha Pradesh General Secretary Pallavi Bagde-Chahande.