An Chitratai Wagh also wanted to tell the women sisters of Chimur taluk…  — Abhyankar Maidan..Rakshabandhan Program 2023…  — Part-3 respectively….


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

              There is a difference between the politics of convenience and the politics of responsible duty.

             Politics of convenience is only limited and illusory for power. Whereas politics of responsible duty is to protect the welfare, protection, fundamental and extraterritorial rights of the citizens and fulfill the duty accordingly.

            On the occasion of Rakshabandhan program held at Abhyankar Maidan on September 3, state president of BJP Mahila Aghadi, Chitratai Wagh, said “free vaccine and free grain” and played politics of convenience.

               (Part No. 2 sheds detailed light on free vaccines and free cereals and also discloses that free vaccines and free cereals are not provided.)

              However, 1) Arbitrary administration by them as per the decrees and decrees repeatedly issued during the central government of BJP, 2) 3 Agriculture Law Bills of 2020 and farmers’ rights, farmers’ agitation and the loss of life of 750 farmers during the agitation, 3) Indian Citizenship Act 2019 and Assam It would have been better if BJP Mahila Aghadi regional president Chitratai Wagh had given detailed and truthful information to the naive women sisters of Chimur taluka about the detention center in the state and the process of denial of citizenship under the law.

But, it is obvious that the leaders who do politics of convenience always bring emotional issues before the public and emphasize on asking for votes and appeal to elect our same MPs and MLAs again and again. Rakshabandhan program has come in Chimurat on the occasion of this.

             However, in a democracy, the central government has the right to make laws. Therefore, the central government should make a new law keeping in mind the interests of the country and the best interests of the citizens of the country, and regarding the new law, a discussion should be held among the citizens of the country through the Gram Sabha for six months. It is necessary to discuss the issues in the Rajya Sabha immediately.

              When the citizens of the country are being harmed under the rule of Vathukuma, it is terrible and dangerous for the central government to enjoy and run power without Vathukuma.

         When the citizens of the country start to feel the serious consequences of the Vathukum, the citizens of the country have to defend their rights by protesting against the central government and the citizens and farmers of the country have had to do such a nationwide protest twice during the second central government of BJP…

            When the central government wants to avoid discussion and debate in the parliament, or when the state of emergency is to be implemented in the country, the central government makes a decree during the said term.

               However, the central government of the BJP had repeatedly removed the decree under Corona and during the emergency.

Under the cover of Vatahukuma, 3 agricultural laws against farmers were approved by BJP’s central government in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on the strength of the 2020 majority, and the law to make the citizens of the country to prove their citizenship once again based on the proof of agriculture was also approved in 2019 and tried to implement the new citizenship law through Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha till date. Not taken back, still as it was.

           And these two laws were very dangerous for the citizens of this country. Considering the serious anti-people nature of these two laws, the citizens of the country had fully opposed the said two laws.

             However, during the rule of the BJP central government, they have experienced the intensity of their strong and heavy-handed working methods, the insulting language of the farmers through their ministers, and the words of their followers giving timbales to the citizens of the country through many types of illegal activities. Because of this, the citizens of the country will never forget the terrible and serious situation at that time.


 New Agriculture Bill….

         In short, what is the new 3 Agriculture Bill, “Contractual system and interest of capitalists..

          The far-reaching effects of this new law were to fall on the farmers’ ownership of agricultural land and the sale and purchase of agricultural goods. In other words, the farmers and citizens of the country had to sell and buy agricultural goods according to the wishes of the capitalists.

That is why, under the leadership of National Farmers’ Leader Rakesh Tikait (BKU), the farmers strongly protested against these new three laws and during the transition period of emergency and corona, they strongly protested and forced the withdrawal of the three agriculture law bills.

          However, during the agitation against the agriculture bill, the citizens and farmers of the country had to face difficult situations. The farmers in the agitation were not even getting food and water. Ideally, the agitating farmers cannot be forgotten by the central government of BJP.

               Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait says that 750 farmers lost their lives in the agitation against the agriculture bill.

               BJP leaders, government, ministers have forgotten the sacrifice of these 750 farmers. But the farmers and citizens of the country will never forget.


New Citizenship Act to take away citizenship…

              BJP’s central government has approved the new Citizenship Act 2019.

         According to the definition of this new law, the citizens of this country have to prove their citizenship by providing the proof of their ancestry or own name as per the passage under agriculture before 50 years.

            According to the new law, birth certificate, school tc, agricultural documents, aadhaar card, ration card, voting card, bank passbook, pan card, and other documents within the last 50 years will not work to prove citizenship. , It is clear that citizens of special backward class majority society cannot prove citizenship.

         That is why Vaman Meshram, the national president of Bamsafe and Bharat Mukti Morcha, through their organizations, had protested strongly against this law and to prevent this law from being implemented in the country. At the same time, all other intellectuals and their political and social organizations also opposed this new citizenship law. was

            As a result, the central government of BJP did not implement this law due to the opposition of the citizens of the country. But still this law has not been repealed by the central government through the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


A detention center is a place where citizens are locked up…

                  When the implementation of the new citizenship law started in the BJP-ruled state of Assam, over 5 lakh Muslim and 6 lakh Bahujan citizens had to lose their citizenship due to lack of agricultural proof.

         The process of detaining all these citizens had started.. Incidents of torturing them had also come to light.


  BJP’s anti-citizen rule in the…

            It cannot be forgotten that in the period from 2019 to 2021, BJP started the process of “tyranny and injustice” by passing new laws against the citizens of India who installed BJP in the central power.



       BJP had guaranteed the citizens of the country to meet their basic needs at cheap rates.

            Promises were given to give jobs to 2 crore unemployed people every year. Every citizen was assured of giving Rs 15 lakhs and many other emotional matters were talked about…

      But on the contrary, the central government is working under the BJP party.

       Due to this only ignorant and headless people can trust BJP..



             In reality, the Maharashtra State President of BJP Mahila Aghadi, Chitratai Wagh, should have given straight and true information about both the above laws to the women sisters of Chimur taluka on the occasion of the Rakshabandhan program held at Abhyankar Maidan of Chimur.

                Killing poor citizens and women sisters for free and demanding votes is a violation of the central government’s responsibility under the Constitution of India.