Voters don’t want to affect your rights,” so,” BJP, must show space?  — “Those who twist the words now started giving guarantees, misleading the voters once again…


 Pradeep Ramteke

      Chief Editor

          It is well-known that BJP is a party that constantly shouts false slogans. This party does not care about the welfare of the people and their problems. It is the national policy of the Bharatiya Janata Party to shout false slogans as soon as the elections are over and to shut up when the elections are over.

              Ideally, they were elected to take decisions against the people, to make laws, to overwhelm the people by increasing inflation, to kill democracy by privatization, to make the basic and external fundamental rights of the citizens of the country more effective, to make the education system expensive, to OBCs, SCs, STs. Throwing out the students of Vigent, Minority, Backward class, communities from the stream of higher education, dismissing them without speaking, ignoring the communal riots, watching with open eyes while the dignity of mothers is being hanged on the veil, – but doing nothing, the farmers of the country to struggle for their own interests. It was followed by insulting them by calling them terrorists-Khalistani, making the citizens of the country unemployed, distributing free food grains and feeding the capitalist contractors, increasing the huge price of chemical fertilizers and imposing GST on fertilizers from 20 to 28 percent to the farmers. Extortion, increasing the price of cylinder gas by two times to bring down the common people, their unfair role has now become a brand of imaginary development.

It is a fact that what BJP said under the slogans related to citizens, it did not fulfill its duty under actual action. It cannot be ignored that it mocked all the voters and citizens of the country by saying that it was the opposite. It is like an ax on the neck.

           It can be seen from many roles that BJP is only a commercial head. It is clear that they have given more importance to roads, metro constructions and government and other buildings, preferably other constructions than to constantly give more importance to public interest schemes or works. Is it not a dictatorial system?

               According to the international SEZ agreement of the year 1992, the BJP’s central government and the state government have speedily constructed national and state highway roads in the country to ensure the safe movement of raw and solid goods for the capitalists.

         At the same time, it has not yet come forward that BJP has achieved the interests of the citizens of the country by removing Article 370 regarding Jammu and Kashmir. Ideally, the construction of the temple of Shri Ram is a religious issue. Will never accept leadership of steam.

Construction of a temple means development of the people, according to the constitutional duty, which definition of public development, will BJP leaders or Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself tell?

           Saying that he gives 15 lakhs to every citizen, Saying that he gives employment to 20 million unemployed people every year, Saying that he removes inflation, Saying that he gives guarantees to farmers, Saying that he guarantees the safety of all mothers in this country, Saying that he protects the rights of the citizens of the country and doing the opposite. Doing the duty, doing the opposite role, is it called pure dishonesty or what else? Does it behoove the BJP to bring the word “guarantee” to the voters again through the Lok Sabha elections?

            When BJP was in power for the last 10 years, what interests did they achieve for the citizens, farmers, unemployed, mothers of the country? On the contrary, by introducing the CAA-NRC Act, Women’s Reservation Act, Farmers Act, and other laws, they violated the rights of OBC-SC-ST-Vigenti-Minority-Backward Classes. It is not hidden even in curbs.

Every citizen of the country is given 5 kg of grains free of cost every month, it is making noise. But the contractors are not told why they are being given how many rupees per kg of grain. PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is giving 6 thousand rupees to the farmers every year. But the price of chemical fertilizers The fact that 6,000 is being withdrawn by increasing the reserves cannot be brushed aside.

         GST imposed on many essential food items, other items and books has become disruptive to the lives of the poor, ruining lives.

              Rather than brightening the future of the country’s citizens, the BJP seems to have forgotten that by repeatedly affecting their rights through privatization and other unnecessary laws, they have been prevented from making the necessary progress.

           The citizens of this country got the right to vote and all other rights only because of the Indian Constitution and all those rights were given by the Constitution maker Vishwaratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. 

       And if the BJP people are saying that “God has given us rights and rights, and God has made the Prime Minister, Minister, Khasdar, MLA, then how did the country go to independence? And how did the people of the country suffer during independence?” Will BJP leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat answer publicly what happened to OBC-SC-ST-Vigentity, Backward Classes and Minorities?