Wise citizens, don’t forget this while going to vote…..

       “The candidate you are going to vote for (whether by pressing a button on the Mujor EVM or by…..stamping the ballot paper……!

       In exercising this right of vote, one should think of destroying the unconstitutional power to whom it is to be conferred….

         Because for the past many years this anti-constitutional force has tried to destroy the constitution at a snail’s pace………

          But, since last 2014, this force has put an end to the constitution with the speed of Corona….!

        The best example of this is that in 2020, 4 judges of the Supreme Court created a sensation in the country by coming to the media and giving a statement. Till date, in the 75-year history of the country and the world, neither the past nor the future has happened…!

          As we (Indian people) are used to thousands of years of slavery, we do not feel the importance of this tragedy……!

            Because Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar provided us (Indian people) to make us (Indian people) of international standard, scientist + rationalist = humanist i.e. democratic. Because America has accepted… “The Symbol Of Knowledge Of World….”

 The height of this constitution has increased in the world.

         Another reason is that on 10 December 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the Union, 30 of these articles were indirectly highlighted in the Constitution of India.

       It is then that UNIONI has enhanced the honor of this constitution by giving it international status…..

But, because the anti-constitutional force here has done the work of first shaking such a great constitution, especially the constitution which the Supreme Court has the primary duty to protect….

        The 4 judges of the same court appeared in front of the media and expressed their shock and dismay and the next day it immediately vanished into thin air…

   This accident was the beginning of many future crises…..!

       Dissolving this accident in the air was the calm before the storm….!!!

       Considering the accidents that happened in this country after this accident, we still do not realize the seriousness of the fact that we are going through such a terrible crisis today…..

  There is no reason to be surprised because we are accustomed to bear the injustice of anti-constitutional power…………!!!!!

        When there is huge opposition to EVM in the country, lawyers from the Supreme Court are involved, lawyers from other courts across the country are involved, people are participating in the streets through hunger strikes, marches, demonstrations, even when the Supreme Court (Election Commission) has instructed them not to take it seriously. The existence of Attahas election commission is…..the biggest side effect of that disaster….!

Similarly, recently, 4 former judges of the Supreme Court i.e. Hon. Justice Deepak Verma, Honorable Justice. Krishna Murari, Honorable Justice. Dinesh Maheshwari, and Hon. Signed by Justice M.R. Shah as well as the honorable former judge of the High Court of other states of the country. Kohli, Hon’ble Justice. M. Soni, Hon’ble Justice Ambadas Joshi, Hon’ble Justice S.N. Dhingra, Hon’ble Justice R.K. Gauba, Hon’ble Justice Ajit Bharihoke, Hon’ble Justice. Gyan Prakash Mittal, Hon. Justice Raghavendra Singh Rathore, Hon’ble Justice RK Meratia, Hon’ble Justice Karamchand Puri, Hon’ble Rakesh Saxena, Hon’ble Justice Narendra Kumar, Hon’ble Justice Rajesh Kumar, Hon’ble Justice S.N. Srivastava, Hon’ble Justice Rajeev Lochan and Hon’ble Justice. P. N. Ravindran and also Lokpal Singh.

       All these judges informed the CJI (Chief Justice of India) in a letter that, “The efforts of some to weaken the justice system have been going on for many years.”

        Writing such a letter should not be a harbinger of the next earthquake.

      That is why voting should be done by awakening the conscience of our hearts, not to strengthen the hands of the anti-constitutional power that we are going to vote for, but to cut off their hands.



        Anant kerbaji Bhavare

 (Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689)