Year 2023 – 24 Kharif Seasonal Money Sorting Announced…

Rushi Sahare


        Gadchiroli, Date: 07: Kharif Crop Seasonal Payroll Based on the information received from Tehsildar, Gadchiroli District Seasonal Payroll of Kharif Crop for the year 2023 2024 is being announced.

        There are total 1689 villages in Gadchiroli district and 1548 kharif crop villages. And the number of Rabi villages where Kharif crop is sown in 2/3 of the area under total crops is 08. Among them there are 52 non-farming villages in Kharif village.

          Out of the said Kharif crop villages, there are 50 paise cash value within 50 paise and the total number of kharif crop villages with cash value above 50 paise is 1504. In this way, the total number of villages with 1504 kharif crops has been announced. Kharif season 2023 2024 of Gadchiroli district is 0.71. Collector, Gadchiroli has informed.