2024 Elections means, politicians’ bones, people’s troubles and democracy’s problems…

       “As the responsible elements of democracy (grandmothers and former MLAs, MPs, Namdars as well as Central and State Governments and Judiciaries High Courts and Supreme Courts, Election Commissions as well as print and electronic media i.e. journalism) have assumed the general public at their convenience in the last 75 years, the most visible Democracy and Constitution of this country is counting the last element in the ICU only because these responsible elements ignore the moral and constitutional duty of a great and noble democracy and constitution.

       Looking at the comparative performance of the former Prime Minister and the current Prime Minister here and the history of the parliamentary activities of the opposition parties, we cannot even imagine the terrible and dangerous turn we have reached.

         When, the architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar created the Constitution to establish social and economic equality in this country, with a foresight to achieve permanent all-round development of the country….

            But, in the last 75 years, the country will not even imagine that it will come to such a dangerous turn…….

       What could be more terrible than this? That is, in the last 75 years, the Ambedkar followers could not save the country and the society from coming to such a dangerous turn, despite taking advantage of the reservation in the constitution and fulfilling all the needs of happiness and luxury.

        Those intellectuals who consider themselves professors, doctors (Ph.D. holders) and consider themselves well-educated have a tendency to keep silent……!!!!!

        That means, along with the above responsible element of democracy, the class of this tendency is equally responsible for this situation…..!!!!!”


 Now the only solution is to wake up from the Constitution to bring all the responsible elements above ourselves (Indian common people) to the fore, to go beyond caste religion and politics and to invent the religion of humanity.”

         For that, we have to see the examples of how the governments of our country have kept the loyalty to the Constitution alive in the last 75 years.

        When during 1989

 Former Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh visited Kashmir in an open jeep when militants were rampant in Jammu and Kashmir.

         And our today’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi fearing the agitation of the farmers of Punjab reached Delhi from the border of Punjab…….!!!!

         Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s selection of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was in the opposition, to represent India at UNO was an act of respect for democracy.

        And here today’s central government has done the job of removing 142 opposition MPs from the parliament and passing many laws to remove the bane of democracy…..!!!

           Till date there is no record of any serious crime (immorality) against any Home Minister and Prime Minister…….

       However, our present Prime Minister and Home Minister are recorded as having many crimes (of immorality). What’s more, the image of Prime Minister and Home Minister burning with revenge has become common people…..!!!

        Thousands of innocent people were killed in a terrorist attack in America by a plane hijacked by Osama Bin Laden. In revenge, the Americans went to Pakistan and killed bin Laden.

But, in the election battle, he talks about bringing the main accused of Mumbai blasts, Dawood, to the fray, but in reality, he takes the help of Interpol to bring back Abhinandan who was misplaced in Pakistan…..!!!!

            In 1975, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi declared emergency on the country for no reason (in the absence of strong reasons to declare emergency) just to hurt his ego.

       That is why the then newspaper declared it as Kaladin….!

         In 1992, the then Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan suggested to the government that the voter’s photo should be on the voting card. The then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao said that this is a very expensive and time-consuming activity. Shatyavar T. Seshan made it clear that the Lok Sabha elections will not be held until the voter’s photo appears on the voting card.

     The stance taken by the then Chief Election Commissioner against the government to preserve the fundamental right of the people to vote was the same as constitutional…..

       But today, when the general public, lawyers, various organizations are protesting on the streets to remove the same EVM, the Chief Election Commission here, however, belongs to the RSS and is trampling on the Constitution…..!

         On the whole, while the system in this country is behaving unconstitutionally, we (the people) have only taken the role of a spectator for the last 75 years, so we have lost the attitude to bear this injustice and we are moving towards slavery……!!!

      At least now it is necessary for us to create awareness about this constitution.

      Till date a misunderstanding has been spread among us regarding the constitution and democracy. That is, this democracy and constitution has been created only to hold all kinds of elections which are held once in five years.

And only political parties have a role in this.

        But, if we understand the purpose of the Constitution, we the people of India are offering to ourselves starting from this sentence. Even if we had understood these two sentences, surely we would not have given scope to Vibhuti Puja among us.

        And today the rulers and the opposition who throw mud at each other in the state and the country in front of the people in the name of false development, could not have done that……!!!!

      Similarly, earlier there was only print media in this country. Journalism was awake at that time. It had no fear in taking a strong stand against the central and state governments.

         He was responsible for protecting the interests of the minorities. Earlier newspapers never became news papers….

       But, today’s newspapers have never been news papers and now they seem to be “advertising papers”…..!!!

     Even the High Courts and the Supreme Court have lost the credibility of the people…!

 Overall, Dr. Created by Babasaheb Ambedkar, “In order to preserve the constitution and parliamentary democracy of India, we have to go beyond politics, caste religion and work one step forward to invent the religion of humanity…….

         Because, my open challenge is that Dr. If the country was run by 100% rulers based on the Constitution of India written by Babasaheb Ambedkar, surely none of our farmers would have committed suicide due to debt…….

       The people would not have had time to face the crisis of inflation, unemployment, Naxalism, terrorism. What if there would not have been a loan of one lakh rupees per capita…

       Finally, no great man, or incarnate man, or God, God can come to save this country, only the Constitution will save us.

       For that, our contribution should be to end the anti-constitutional forces.

      Otherwise be ready to welcome the mental slavery from the system…..


            Anant Kerbaji Bhavre Constitutional Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689