Did Maharashtra become Manipur?  — On the strength of BJP MLA’s wife, BJP village gang stripped the tribal woman to take control of the farm.  — Undressed video of the woman public, movement of the deprived started for action…  — Sleeping police department, but tribal families in terror…  — Otherwise, on 28th October Ed. Balasaheb Ambedkar Ashti Sub-Divisional Police Officer’s office will be locked.  — Dakhl News India Special…

 Pradeep Ramteke

        Chief Editor

             It can be seen from the sequence of events in India that BJP office bearers, MLAs, private citizens are not sure what they will do and say on the strength of power.

                 However, for example, mistaking the state of Maharashtra for the state of Manipur, a serious case of disrobing a tribal woman along with the wife of the BJP MLA Suresh Dhas to grab the farm of the tribal family in Mauja Walaj village of Ashti taluka under Bid district was exposed and there was a stir in the state of Maharashtra.

              Until now, incidents of blatant torture of Scheduled Caste citizens have taken place in the state of Maharashtra. Now a terrible and serious incident of stripping a tribal woman has taken place. This shows that the poor people of Maharashtra state are not safe at all during the Eknath Shinde government.

               The agriculture which tribal families have been in control of for the last 40 years and their livelihood is burdened on that agriculture. In order to grab the same agriculture and take control of that agriculture, the wife of BJP MLA Suresh Dhas went to the farm with the BJP village goons of the village and started taking over the said farm with the help of BJP village goons.

       But when the tribal women prohibited the BJP village gangs along with the wife of BJP MLA Suresh Dhas from occupying their occupied farm, a shocking and serious incident has come to light that she made a naked video of her in the field and made it public.

            The undressing video of the tribal woman has reached the hands of Ashti taluka and Bid district officials of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi through social media.

             When the said tribal woman went to Ashti Police Station and Ashti Sub-Divisional Police Officer’s office, the office-bearers of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi came forward with the illegality of not filing a complaint against her about the serious incident of torture.

                 In connection with this series of events, the national president of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi Ed. Prakash Ambedkar held a press conference and requested Maharashtra Chief Minister N. Eknath Shinde to pay attention and take legal action against all concerned.

                 He indirectly highlighted that he does not trust Maharashtra State Home Minister N. Devendra Fadnavis to handle law and order.

        District office bearers of Vanchit have explained that if the Ashti Police does not take necessary action against the wife of BJP MLA, village gund of BJP by 28th October, then the surveyors of Vanchit will go to Ashti and lock up the office of Sub-Divisional Police Officer.

            The question is that even in the state of Maharashtra, if a tribal woman is being raped by people related to BJP and if the police do not register a complaint about such a serious incident, then the public will not trust the Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis and it is natural that citizens will doubt his work style.


 A challenge to the people of Maharashtra…

           To bring about atrocities in the state of Maharashtra on various issues means defaming the state of Maharashtra at all levels and disturbing the citizens of the state of Maharashtra.

                Due to atrocious incidents, the disrepute of the state of Maharashtra is hindering development. Businessmen will not come to the state of Maharashtra from tomorrow.

         Due to this, the advanced status of the state of Maharashtra will decrease. The decrease in the advanced status means that the civilized path of the state of Maharashtra will be spent abroad.

          That is why the progressive state of Maharashtra cannot afford cases of torture. Along with this, it should be noted that the problem of unemployment along with other problems is increasing due to such incidents.

             Ideally, such atrocious incidents are unknowingly causing many kinds of harm to the citizens.

                Due to this, the people of Maharashtra state should not support the perpetrators at all, the tragic case of a tribal woman warns.