The main inspiration in the life of great men should be found.:- Dr. Rajesh Mirage..


 Yuvraj Dongre/Khallar

        Deputy Editor

           Dr.Punjabarao Deshmukh was a social reformer, leading theologian and social reformer of social revolution. His role was to go outside the power and work for the society.

             By mortgaging 105 acres of land of his house, he took a loan of 10,000 and presented his thesis in Oxford University.

              The Bahujan class should become knowledgeable and well-educated. Similarly, Dr. In his lecture, Dr. Rajesh Mirge explained Bhausaheb’s agricultural policy, educational policy, social work and sports policy.

            In a very difficult time in 1931, Shri.Shivaji Shikshan Sanstha was established and education was arranged for the poor people. It is very necessary to reach the general public and the youth, according to Dr. Bhau Saheb. Mirage did.

            At the beginning of this program, on the occasion of Reading Inspiration Day, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s image was worshipped.

           Chhatrapati Shivaji Art College Assegaon Purna and Sri Shivaji Udyanvidya College Amravati organized a lecture on the occasion of Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh’s centenary birth anniversary year at Assegaon Purna.

          Principal of the college Dr. Hanumant Lunge was present as the president of this program. Rajesh Mirge, as well as the Principal of Shri Shivaji Udyan Vidya College, Dr. Shashank Deshmukh, Shri. Mangesh Junghare.Mr. Adhau were present.

             This program was moderated by Dr.Bharat Kalyankar and introduction was done by Dr.Pravin Sadar.Thanks were given by Dr. Ravindra Iche.This program was organized by the Department of History.