Chimur taluka Congress office bearers and activists will carry out continuous chain protest against the decision of Maharashtra government.  — The chain dharna movement will continue if the Maharashtra government does not cancel the anti-people decision.

 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

             In September, the Maharashtra government took three anti-people and anti-student decisions, and directly exposed their corruption and conspiracy against the majority community in the state of Maharashtra.

            It is necessary to fight and fight against the decision which is very dangerous for the Bahujan society.

            The important purpose of struggle and struggle cannot be successful unless it is dedicated to the goal.

            Chimur taluka Congress party office bearers and workers will continue chain dharna protest in front of Chimur tehsil office at 11 am in order to cancel the GR of contract recruitment in government service, cancel the policy of adopting 62 thousand Zilla Parishad schools in the state, and prevent the closure of schools with enrollment under 20. About to start.

           Considering the three decisions of the Maharashtra government against the majority society, the decision taken by the Chimur Taluka Congress Party to continue the chain protest is very important and sensitive, until the Maharashtra government cancels these three decisions.