Wise citizens, don’t forget this while going to vote…

     “Corona wave came in our country in 2020. At the same time, it also came in America. America did not lock down, but our government did. During that time, our father, our mother, our brother, our sister, our wife, our daughter, our son, anyone Even if there was a little doubt, the government forcibly admitted them to the hospital and made them positive (though not) and did not even allow them to visit that intimate relationship…….

          What was our soul saying while burning each other in the crematorium without even seeing the face for the last time…………..

          In order to face the financial crisis during this Corona epidemic, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has given permission to the central government to raise loans on occasion from the articles 109, 110, 111 and 112 of the constitution.

          Therefore, the same central government collected money from the public in the PM fund, raised loans from the capital market, forcibly took Rs 171000 crores from the RBI. …..!

     Don’t forget this incident while going to vote…..

          In the name of this Corona, many Municipal Corporations in our country are in the hands of the administrators. Elections are not being held for the last 3/4 years….

  What could be the reason for this..? This is not the way to end democracy…..!

      What’s more, when we are only struggling to survive due to artificially increasing inflation and unemployment, we are alive only on the hope of tomorrow, that tomorrow will turn out to be better, tomorrow is turning out to be even more dangerous. However, we keep the hope of tomorrow alive.

As a solution to all this we had the right to vote every five years…

         He too was usurped by this system through EVM……!!!!!!!!!!

      Now we are left as mere formalities for them (the public).

        But still have to vote and let’s do it…..

    While doing that, let’s not forget the sad things of the above 10 years.

     Why would the system here, including the Supreme Court and the Chief Election Commission, have become so strong, which was a simple demand of the people that the elections should be held on ballot paper………

       What a mountain would collapse if EVMs were removed……….

        What’s more, even the Hon’ble President should not have taken the role of a spectator……..!

       A constitutional right to grant pardon to an accused sentenced to death.

       As soon as this is the right, people are demanding to order to remove EVM and conduct elections on ballot paper………!

        Be that as it may, you were not invited to the inauguration of the new parliament…what about you….?

     Finally, we should not use the right of vote without forgetting the above, then we will keep the hope of tomorrow alive.

        Because there are only two parties in India, Hujur and Labor Party, it has been five years, but here the attempt is to bring the government for the third time under the leadership of the same party, the same person. ….

       If this attempt was made by conducting elections on ballot paper…….

     How much water I immediately understood now……..!

  That’s why…

  Without forgetting the above points, we will use the right to vote only to end the anti-constitutional power.


          Anant kerbaji Bhavare

  Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689