Marathwada was shaken by the earthquake! The biggest shock since 1993…

 Ashok Tapase 


       Marathwada felt the biggest earthquake after 1993 this morning. Nanded, Hingoli, Parbhani districts were hit by earthquakes.

         In Hingoli district, a magnitude of 4.5 on the Richter scale and 3.6 on the Richter scale has been recorded in some places. Houses in many villages of the district have cracked and in some places houses have collapsed. This has created an atmosphere of fear among the citizens.


 House collapse in some places…

       A major earthquake hit Hingoli district at 6:08 am. A magnitude of 4.5 has been recorded. Then the second shock that happened shortly after that has been recorded as 3.6. Instructions have been given to the village level employees to immediately report the damage caused by the earthquake to the administration.

       In Hingoli district, there has been an increase in the number of earthquakes in the past three to four years. The sound is coming from the ground and the ground is shaking and these frequent incidents have now become habituated to the villagers. In particular, the villages of Pimpaldari, Rajdari, Sonwadi, Kakadadabha, Fuldabha in Aundha Nagnath taluka, Vapti, Kupti, Pangra Shinde, Vai in Vasmat taluka and Sindagi, Bolda, Potra, Nandapur in Kalmanuri taluka have become regular occurrences of earthquakes.

        At 6:08 a.m. on Thursday morning, the ground shook well. There was also a loud earthquake. It is said that today’s earthquake was felt in all 710 villages of the district. Among these, its intensity was more in Aundha Nagnath, Vasmat, Kalmanuri talukas. Whereas in some villages of Hingoli and Sengaon talukas, more or less severity has been felt. The villagers have been shocked by this incident. Some houses have collapsed in Dandegaon.

         A big shock was felt in Akhara Balapur and around 6:00 in the morning. A villager, Keshav Mule, said that a mild shock was felt shortly after that. Bapurao Ghongde, a villager, said that till now the biggest shock was felt in Pimpaldari area.