Royalty theft of crores of rupees under illegal murum-soil mining in Chimur assembly area, a deep and serious issue…  — Leader of the opposition vijaybhau wadettiwar accused of theft of crores of rupees.  — Will the Chief Minister of Maharashtra state Eknath Shinde take it into heart?  — All the present and concerned Collectors, District Mining Officers, Tehsildars, employees should be dismissed and a case of collusion theft should be registered against them, they should be arrested?…



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

             Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Mr.Vijaybhau Vadettiwar has said that royalty of crores of rupees has been stolen by illegally excavating mud and soil for road construction in Chimur Assembly Constituency and other nearby areas.

             On the occasion of the closing program of National Congress Party’s Jansamvad Yatra organized on Saturday 16th September 2023 and on the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Satish Warjukar, Mr. Vijaybhau Wadettiwar turned to the issue of illegal mining of mud and soil while addressing the thousands of people present during the large gathering held at the ground of Madhavrao Birje Patil in Chimur. While he raised the issue of royalty theft of crores of rupees under illegal mining, he also said that the related royalty thieves were on the loose.

          It is clear that all the fury of the royalty theft case was with Chimur Assembly Constituency MLA Kirtikumar alias Bantibhau Bhangdia and his associates.

Chimur Assembly Constituency MLA Kirti Kumar Bhangdia’s younger brother, in the name of “Shankarpur-Chimur Road Company” and in the name of other favored and private road construction contractors, 1) Bhisi-Chimur, 2) Kanpa-Shankarpur-Bhisi-Jamgaon -Gardapar-Chimur- Masal-Vihirgaon-Palsgaon-Shivni-Sindewahi, 3) Bhisi-Ambeneri-Jambulghat-Neri, 4) Chimur-Neri-Shirpur-Bodhli-Yenapur-Talodhi (Ba.), 5) Chimur-Neri-Motegaon-Kajalsar-Lohara- It is a fact that a large amount of excavated soil and dirt has been used legally and illegally to build national and state highways from Navtala-Doma-Kitali-Shankarpur, 6) Chimur-Neri-Motegaon-Pendhari to Navargaon.

             Kirti Kumar alias Bantibhau Bhangdia being the MLA of the ruling party, all the then Collectors of Chandrapur District, all the District Mining Officers, all the Tehsildars, all the concerned employees and all the teams of the mobile team, under Chimur Vidhan Sabha Constituency and Bramhapuri Vidhan Sabha Constituency, totally ignored the illegal mining of soil and muruma. It happened and it is happening today. Of course, it is clear that all the concerned authorities and employees of Chandrapur district had cooperated with all the company owners who were illegally excavating mud and soil.

In the forest area under Tadoba International Park, in the big tree forest area, in the bush forest area, in the farm area given under the livelihood belt and in the owner right farm area, huge amount of illegal excavation of soil and mud has been done during the last 7 years period for various works including road construction.

            MLA Kirti Kumar alias Bantibhau Bhangdia was the MLA of the ruling party at that time and still is. Due to this, his direct and indirect involvement in the illegal mining of soil and blackheads cannot be denied. There needs to be an inquiry.

Ideally, it is not a simple matter for the Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly Mr. Vijaybhau Vadettiwar to reveal the case of 200 crore rupees Murum-Mati royalty theft in public.

           Are all the Collectors, District Mining Officers, Tehsildars, Forestry Officers, and all concerned employees involved in the serious case of theft of royalty under Murum-Mati mining? Keeping this issue in mind, the investigation of the matter should be started, this is how the common people are now talking.

              The Department of Minerals Regulation comes under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the Revenue Minister is Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil. The Ministry is headed by Cabinet level Ministers.

           Due to this, the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the Revenue Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil should without wasting time conduct a thorough investigation into the illegal mining of soil in the Chimur Assembly Constituency and outside areas and bring the royalty thieves of crores of rupees to the fore and take various legal actions against them. A serious case of theft of crores of rupees.

              Voters of Chandrapur district feel that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Revenue Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil should not ignore the case of Murum soil royalty theft of Rs.

              Ideally, a written complaint about the theft of crores of rupees in Murum royalty will be made to the Chief Minister and the Revenue Minister of Maharashtra State….