N.World Human Rights Organization Vidarbha Pradesh executive meeting concluded in Nagpur with excitement and enthusiasm…  — Let’s work to eradicate injustice-tyranny and stop many forms of exploitation:- National President Pandurang Narwade..  — From Vidarbha Pradesh co-organizer Nilay Zode, “Copies of the Indian Constitution, gifted to office bearers..  — Joint guidance of National General Secretary Budhrao Kotnak, Maharashtra State Vice President Abhijit Sejwal, Vidarbha Pradesh Executive President Pradeep Ramteke, Meshram Madam..

Pritam Janbandhu


 Nagpur :-

          Narvade World Human Rights Organization is carrying out various important legal work through its officials. Ideally, the main purpose of the organization is to work and fulfill its duty for the deprived, oppressed, unjust, oppressed, exploited citizens of all social groups and to ensure that human rights are not violated by the government and administration.

             The office bearers of the organization are taking precautions. That is why, let us work to eliminate injustice and oppression and stop many types of exploitation, National President of N. World Human Rights Organization Pandurang Narvade gave a fair and important guidance.

            Vidarbha executive meeting was concluded on 17th March at Orient Brand Nagpur Hotel. Pandurang Narwade, National President of N. World Human Rights Organization was presided over this meeting and Budhrao Kotnak, National Secretary General of the organization was mainly present as the main guide.

           Along with this, Maharashtra State Vice President Abhijit Sejwal and Executive President of Vidarbha Executive Pradeep Ramteke, General Secretary Pradeep Shende, Meshram Madam were present as special guides.

              On March 17, 2024, a review meeting and friendly ceremony of Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee of Narwade International Human Rights Organization was organized in the auditorium of Hotel Orient, Nagpur.

          All office bearers of Vidarbha Pradesh Executive along with many office bearers of Maharashtra state attended the said review meeting and friendship ceremony.


         Pandurang Narwade, the National President of the International Human Rights Organization, through the presidential guidance, shed light on the background of the organization, ideally, guided how the organization’s working methods, human rights, and human interests can be protected.


        A. Pradip Ramteke sir, through his leading guidance, gave the fundamental message that by overcoming the crisis, let us adopt wisdom, skill and compassion through a fearless working system and work continuously for the organization and be aware of working for the benefit of the society through the organization. He explained the clarity of the duty by giving various examples in accordance with which it should be brought.


         In order to remove the shortcomings of the organization and bind the organization and activists in unity, the organization needs a strong leadership. Only then, the organization can survive and do the work of the common people’s interest boldly, through the global human rights organization, Mrs. Darshana Tai  Meshram Madam Yani expressed the hope that there will be continuous public interest work through her guidance.


       National General Secretary of the organization Budhrao Kotnak, Maharashtra State Vice President Abhijit Sejwal also gave detailed information about how many tasks and duties are performed from their experience.


 Gift of Indian Constitution..

       In the said program, the co-organizer of Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee and other office bearers of World Human Rights Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee Shri. “Constitution of India” by Mr. Nilay Zode, was distributed by the dignitaries present. Namely the office bearers of Vidarbha Pradesh Executive were given appointment letters and identity cards.


       The introduction of the planned program was done by Rishi Sahare Yani, the organizer of the Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee, while the program was moderated by the Vice President of the Vidarbha Executive Committee, Pritam Janabandhu Sir, and the vote of thanks was given by the Secretary of the Vidarbha Executive Committee, Damodhar Ramteke Sir. And finally the program was concluded with the National Anthem.

             On this occasion, the office bearers of Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee were Sarvashree Sanghatak Rishi Sahare, Treasurer Diksha Karhade, Vice President Pritam Janbandhu, Secretary Shekhar Easapure, Secretary Damodhar Ramteke, Advisor Zakir Syed, Co-organizer Nilay Zhode, Co-organizer Rigved Yewle, Co-organizer Rohan Adewar, Departmental President Tarachand Meshram, Chandrapur District President Manoj. A large number of officials from Maharashtra State and Nagpur were present along with Atram.

        The meeting of the Vidarbha Pradesh Executive Committee on 17th March started with great enthusiasm and ended with a happy ending.