Dr. Satish Warjukar has a great opportunity for public service…  — On the occasion of his birthday, reality and reality…  — Un.. Vijayabhau….?  — Tomorrow’s workers’ gathering… the occasion of the Congress office bearer’s experience…  — “Dakhal News Bharat Special,…


               I have seen and experienced Dr. Satish Manoharrao Warjukar, the former president of Chandrapur Zilla Parishad. Along with this, I have a lot of experience of friendly communication and relations with all the senior office bearers and workers of the Congress party under Chimur taluka.

             His father Dr. Sometimes I saw Manohar Rao Warjukar calling me close to me with loving words and putting his hand on my back asking me earnestly.

         Along with this, Gurmeet is eager to attend the meeting of former MLA and former Mining Development Corporation President Dr. Avinash Warjukar. But he is also soft and gentle.

            As I studied in Nehru Vidyalaya Shankarpur pre-secondary school, I know the sentiments and sentiments of Shankarpurkars.


 Main point…

  National Congress Party and its responsibility…

          Politics, social causes, these are the means of the country’s progress, i.e. the progress of the citizens of the country.

This party is known in the world as an old party and an experienced office bearer and an experienced worker. Ideally, the office bearer and worker of this party always takes precautions while speaking and consistently exposes the mentality that no one will be insulted by speaking.

               Partve takes care of the party office bearers and workers and also provides necessary help as per the occasion.

             The leaders of the National Congress parties are sensitively aware that office-bearers and workers are the basis of social and political power. Therefore, it is seen that the leaders of this party always make statements politely, intelligently and humbly, and it is clear that such duties are for the best interest of the country and the citizens of the country.


“Faith and Pride.

          From arrogance to understanding.

        Understanding and Experience.

           Experience and duty.

         Duty to country interest.

             Country interest and public interest.

         Public Interest and Science.

   Science and thought maturity..

  Idea maturity to cohesion.

      Solidarity and Social Commitment.

    Social Engagement and Social Advancement.

      Social Advancement and Social Harmony….

     Social harmony and equality.

        Equality and Brotherhood.

   Brotherhood and equal justice.

   From equal justice to freedom of expression.

     From the preservation of freedom of expression to the preservation of freedom values.

    The preservation of the value of freedom is the protection of all the rights of citizens.

      They are powerful countries that protect the rights of citizens.

      Powerful countries and prosperous citizens.

       and prosperous citizens and competent social commitment.

          Such leadership qualities are in the National Congress Party.

               Therefore, even after the split of the party, no one can do the flexibility of this party.


Dr. Satish Warjukar..

              Dr. Satish Warjukar knows many definitions of duty and I know his definition of duty from many.

            But, what is important in their case is that their aptitude, ability, ideological maturity, courage and determination to stay in politics for a long period of time create awareness about the commitment of party loyalty and inspire many Congress party functionaries and workers.

           Without loyalty, one cannot survive in the party and one cannot perform good work and duties. At the same time, the party said that on many occasions one has to bear insults and one has to accept respect.

         However, taking the good, keeping it in your mind and throwing out the bad is called good quality..and these good qualities are in Dr. Satish Warjukar.

               Due to this, there is no other leader in Chimur Assembly Constituency who is as honest as him and who strives for the welfare of the people.

                 Their leadership is shining and will shine as their depth is deep in terms of communicating harmoniously with office bearers and workers, ideally maintaining social commitment.

                If we look at the current state of politics, Dr. Satish Warjukar will get a great opportunity to serve as a public servant again.

             I only hope that their self, their identity should continue to be fine and sensitive…


No. Vijaybhau…

          Leader of the opposition party of Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly, who consistently wins in political and social tactics and who is always aware and alert about the social and political situation. Vijaybhau Vadettiwar Yes…

              The backbone of his work is his sense of belonging to all social citizens and workers at the grassroots level.

              Many of his workers may have bullied him or he may have bullied many workers, but he has kept aside malice and malice towards all the workers and has never carried out internal and public defamatory propaganda against anyone. Many properties are mentioned.

         Na.Vijaybhau Vadettiwar is always a struggling and throbbing leadership, so glimpse of his leadership qualities will be experienced again in Chimur Assembly Constituency.


           Tomorrow’s meeting…

                 On the occasion of Dr. Satish Warjukar’s birthday, a grand gathering of Congress party workers has been organized at Chimur tomorrow.

            State president Nanabhau Patole, opposition party leader Na.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar, former MLA and former Mining Development Corporation President Dr. Avinash Warjukar and many Congress party office bearers are going to be the guests of this worker gathering.

          It is certain that this worker gathering is going to be more successful than expected.


Former PS member Vijay Gawande is a very civilized and amiable personality. There is no doubt that the strength of the Congress party will increase under his leadership in Chimur taluka.

             Along with this, Maharashtra State Secretary of OBC Cell Dhanraj Mungle, senior leaders Dhanraj Malke, Sudhir Pandilwar, Raju Lotane, former G.P. member Vilas Dange, Gajanan Butke, former PS President Roshan Dhok, Swapnil Malke, senior leader Prof. Ram Raut. There is no doubt that Sanjay Dongre, former chairman of Central Cooperative Bank, and all office bearers and workers will come forward to work fearlessly and uncompromisingly for the party’s interest and public interest.



   Pradeep Ramteke

   Chief Editor

 Dakhl News India and Vidarbha Vice President Maharashtra State Marathi Journalists Association Mumbai…


 (Tip :- Many people make baseless accusations like taking money from a leader. But, I do not do journalism under anyone’s pressure and I do not harass anyone by taking money.

          What is written in the above foreword is a narrative of direct experience. Ideally, there has been no direct and indirect interaction and meeting with Mr.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar and former G.P. President Dr.Satish Warjukar for a long time.)