Unfortunate death of elephant due to electrocution…  — The incident at Chitki in Sindewahi taluka…  — Excitement in the forest department…  — Forest department officials and their teams, police officers and their teams entered the spot…


 Aman Qureshi

 District Representative

 Notice News India

          An incident of death of a wild male elephant has come to light in the farm shed of Mauja Chitki village in Sidewahi taluka under Chandrapur district.

           A male elephant, which entered Maharashtra from Odisha state after Chhattisgarh state, died in Chitki area of Sindewahi taluka, there has been a stir.

             The detailed report is that the male elephant from the state of Odisha crossed the Wainganga river through the forest route of Gadchiroli and came to Sawli, Nagbhid taluk after Brahmpuri in Chandrapur district. The male elephant was living in the forest area of Sindewahi taluk since last one month.

           Sub-areas coming under Sindewahi Forest Division

 A wild elephant was found dead in the farm of Ashok Pandurang Borkar today on October 03, 2023 between 8.00 am in the private area of Tambegadi Mendha Yethil Niyat Kshetra Murpar Bita.

         Fifteen days ago, this wild elephant went from Sindewahi taluka to the forest area of Brahmapuri taluka. Suddenly, two days ago, it entered Jatlapur, Chitki, Murpar forest of Sindewahi taluka.

          The death of a male elephant due to electrocution in a farm near Chitki forest has created a stir.

             A panchnama is being conducted at the site of the incident and further action is being taken by the forest department. The chief guard of the forest department Jitendra Ramgaonkar and a team of the forest department have entered the site of the incident and the police have also entered.