Inauguration of Parliament House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emotional speech and then nothing…  — Did many kinds of ambivalence arise as a result of the inaugural event?



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

             As planned, the building of the Parliament building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then the emotional words on issues, context, appreciation, loyalty, duty, positive outlook, future tasks, scepter, national lotus flower, national bird peacock, and people’s development were delivered under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from the layout, nothing else was seen as innovative.

           Ideally, His Excellency President Draupadi Murma and His Excellency Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhad were not invited to the inauguration of the Parliament House.

         Why the formality of reading out his message if he was not invited to the inauguration? And what is the purpose behind that? Prime Minister Narendra Modi should openly tell the people of the country.

             Prime Minister Narendra Modi has questioned the absence of His Excellency President Draupadi Murma and His Excellency Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhad at the inauguration of Parliament House. Should have brought it.

               Following the inauguration of the new Parliament building, ideological dilemma and duty dilemma was created among the citizens of the country and why was it done? There are signs that this may cost the Prime Minister and his cabinet members further.

            Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the members of his cabinet and the MPs who support him should realize that it is no longer possible to behave in a misleading way and get away with emotional speech under the act of thinking that the citizens of India are stupid, stupid, ignorant and emotional.

It has been the experience of the citizens of the country till now that Prime Minister Narendra Modi acts contrary to what he says during the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections and other events.

              Whether it is the issue of giving Rs 15 lakh to every citizen or the guarantee of employment to 2 crore educated unemployed every year, the emotional appeal of guaranteeing prices to farmers and doubling their income, or the promise of reducing inflation, and any kind of moral responsibility among other issues, BJP The fact that it did not come true is well known.

            Saints who returned, “For the upliftment of OBCs, SCs, STs, minorities, Muslims, backward classes, liberated nomadic tribes, and all citizens, to free them from exploitation, to end injustice and oppression against them, to enable them to live with dignity, they are equal in governance and administration. It is no secret that the BJP ruling party governments and BJP office bearers are doing the work of ignoring all the saints and great men who have done great work to get partnership, to make them self-reliant and self-respecting, and to live according to freedom and expression.

             At the same time, it has been revealed from their actions that they are emphasizing on making the education system expensive and making them economically weaker by continuously increasing inflation so that the children of the poor do not get quality education.

Ideally, the world-famous Prakanda Pandit, the great social reformer, the world-famous great economist, the emancipator of women and men who freed them from the slavery of the caste system, the great patriot who explained the unique importance of equality, freedom, fraternity, justice, secularism and democracy to all the citizens of the country, the people’s representatives and administrative representatives. The picture is coming forward that the BJP government is starting to exclude Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar from the textbooks of all the education sectors, the creator of the constitution, who gave the right to vote to all, and the creator of the constitution, who told the official relations about the social elements.

         As there is a stark difference between the words and deeds of the BJP government, which wants to throw all the property of the country’s citizens into the throats of the capitalists, it is not believed that the central government of this party will allow the citizens of the country to live happily or peacefully.

           In the case of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who has underlined the definition of deep democracy of public welfare and public safety under the Indian Constitution, and the ultimate duty of the Central Government and the State Governments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not even uttered a single word in his guidance. And what will happen to the citizens of the country going forward? It is difficult to say about this at present.

In a country where the value of taxes is falling frequently, the central government has loaned lakhs of rupees to the citizens of the country, isn’t the central government talking about balanced development?

         “In honor of His Excellency the President and His Excellency the Vice President,” will the decision taken by all the leaders of opposition parties to remain absent on the occasion of the inauguration of the Parliament building be worthwhile to save democracy and for the benefit and safety of the citizens of the country?

             First of all, it should be noted that the lotus flower is associated with the birth and enlightenment of the Tathagata Lord Gautama Buddha and the saffron robes are also associated with the Tathagata Lord Gautama Buddha and his Bhikkhu Sangha.

            In democracy, the scepter is not important, but the voting rights of the people are important. Therefore, it is necessary to spread the thought that the citizens of this country are the ultimate owners of the country.