Emperor Ravana is our God, strongly opposed to burning in Ghuggus..  — Tribal citizens took out a huge march…  — Stress-like condition…  — Riot control team entered..

      Ramdas Thuse 

Special Divisional Representative

         Chandrapur: Since Ravana is our God, under no circumstances should Ravana be cremated in the Ghuggus, the tribal community took the stand and marched to protest.

           This created a tense situation in the city. Considering the peace and order in Ghuggus city, the police detained some people and considering the tense situation, the riot control team was called.

             Police are on alert mode to prevent untoward incidents on the occasion of Dussehra and Dhamchakra enforcement days.

       In the city of Ghughoos, between 9:30 in the morning, the tribal community members took a stand to prevent the creation of the image of Ravana Dahan, which created an atmosphere of tension.

                 Police inspector Asifaraja and the police force detained the members of the tribal community and brought them to the police station.

           The riot control team was called from Chandrapur. The police administration is paying attention to ensure that peace and order is not disturbed.

             A Dhammachakra Pravartan Day rally will be held in the city today and as it is Vijayadashami, the incident has created a lot of pressure on the police.

            The tribal brothers of the city have opposed the burning of Ravana and have taken out a protest march in Ghugghus city, warning of severe agitation if Ravana is burnt.

               There was a significant presence of women in this march. But the tribal brothers took a stand that they would not allow Ravana to be cremated at Bahade plot and there was a tense atmosphere for some time.

              After that, the police were called and the riot control team also reached the spot.

               Ravana is burnt as a symbol of egoistic, sinful attitude. On Vijayadashami day, there is a legend that Lord Sri Ramchandra killed Ravana. According to that, Hindus organize Ravana Dahan programs in some parts of the country.

                 Ravana is the deity of the tribal community and he was full of character and he was the savior of all the subjects. Due to this, the tribal community demands that he should not be cremated.