World Yoga Day celebrated at Hedari by Lloyds Metals and Energy Company Limited Surjagad Iron ore Mines… — On this occasion children play, Garment training young women and villagers present…


 Etapally :- Lloyds Metals and Energy Company Limited Surjagad Iron and Mines celebrated World Goya Day on 21st today at the playground at Hedri, in Etapally taluka of Gadchiroli district. A total of 270 participants such as children sports 180, garment industry training young women 40 and 50 were distributed T shirts and started yoga. All the yogasanas were done and the attendees were given fruits and cold Drink.


 At this time, Indian Prime Minister Modiji proposed that 21st June should be celebrated as ‘World Yoga Day’ by sports officials and employees in the United Nations General Assembly. Out of 193 countries in the world, 175 countries agreed to the proposal. After this December 2014 proposal was approved and called for adopting yogic way of life on this day all over the world. Body and mind are made yogic to make life happy, prosperous and happy. For this, Mala was guided by explaining the importance of Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation.