How to shake?  — “It didn’t work after that!..



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

            We have actually seen on the social and political stage of India that if a leader has the ideological ability to move in the right direction while strengthening the social organization, the self-esteem of the citizens of this country becomes conscious and the same self-esteem becomes active to struggle continuously for its own existence and identity. is

               Dynamic leadership is penetrating every problem. Ideally, leadership has the ability to handle any situation, as evidenced by the good work and good duty under the social and political developments of the period 1968 to 2006.

             Remembering that leadership, looking at the political and social picture of today feels somewhat strange and saddened with shame.

          Many political and social organizations have come forward based on the thoughts of the great man Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. But the reality is that they could not create their position beyond their own society.

          In social and political organization, it is necessary to have the ability to give all kinds of shocks at the time of need, and it is also necessary to have a cadre of office bearers and workers near that leadership.

         The leadership which has the ability to do good work at the right time, never performs the duties that kill the colant, but the fact that such leadership makes good use of time for the benefit of the citizens of all sections of the society cannot be denied.

          The important point is that, after Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the world-famous Prakand Pandit and the savior of all Indian citizens, the citizens of India saw and experienced an ideological storm and a great ideological struggle named Kanshi Ram.

Venerable Kanshiram, while unraveling all the points of the caste system in this country, “uniform injustice to all caste citizens and equal exploitation of all of them, examined the subtle studies and built an entire social and political movement based on the same injustice and exploitation.” .

        While solving the injustice and exploitation at the political and social level, he decided to break the barrier of dilemma of the citizens of Bahujan society from all sides within the country of India.

And that is why he gave very sensitive and very important realist slogans that influence the social mind… Only two of them are used for our information.

 1). “The greater the number,” the greater his share…

  2) “Vot Hamara Raj Tumhara, Nahin Chalega Nahin Chalega….

            Honorable Kanshi Ramji did not stop with the above slogans, but under these two slogans, he did a great job of sensitizing, alerting and making the public mind of the whole of India aware, and he brought before the people the evidence of who is doing injustice to the citizens of the Bahujan community and how they are exploiting them.

             Along with this honorable Kanshi Ram was a dynamic and characterful leader who never stopped and never tired. He did not speak freely but he acted on every word spoken. Also, for the benefit and safety of 85 percent OBC, SC, ST, minority, Muslim, backward class, Bahujan community citizens, They were constantly acting and working for honor, identity, self-esteem, self-reliance, and participation in power on the scale of the population. They were struggling and struggling day and night.

              Excluding the BJP-Congress party, he recognized that “all kinds of problems of the citizens of the Bahujan society cannot be solved unless they capture the central power and the state power on their own.”

        He always said that both Congress and BJP parties are like poisonous snake poison for the Bahujan community in the country. The party leaders of both these parties talk one thing and do the other. They will never give equal share of power to the citizens of the Bahujan community in this country and will not participate in the administrative system on the basis of population. Of course. He would explain from circumstantial evidence that both parties are dangerous for the citizens of Bahujan society.

           As mentioned by Honorable Kanshi Ramji, Founder and President of Bahujan Samaj Party, this is happening in India today. Citizens of Bahujan Samaj Party are neither getting equal share in power nor equal participation in administrative system.

In today’s situation, the system has been controlled from all sides. Due to this, the reality cannot be denied that the rulers and capitalists have no other job than to bombard the citizens of Bahujan society.

          That’s why honorable Kanshi Ramji’s formula of state power was actually experienced and seen by the Bahujan Samaj during his lifetime.

          The opponents of Bahujan Samaj in this country knew that when the Bahujan Samaj Party becomes the number one party of the country and remains the ruling party for years, then nothing will work for us and all the brass of our power will be exposed.

         That is why in the year 1984 when the late Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, a resolution was passed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to conduct elections in India through EVM machines.

       The then Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi moved the resolution regarding EVM machine in the Lok Sabha, the proposer was former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the approver was former Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee.

            Although the three seem to belong to three parties, but they are of the same ideology from the internal and external work, “They were successful in the purpose of bringing EVM machines to India and holding elections through that EVM machine.

          This is called a long-term policy against the Bahujan Samaj.

         “Kill but don’t let it be known..” And the type of political career is beyond the heads of gullible voters.

The fact that elections can be won by scamming EVM machines was proven in the Supreme Court in 2013 and 2017. It cannot be denied that EVM machines have weakened the Bahujan Samaj Party.

            It is a stark fact that Honorable Kanshi Ram has repeatedly shaken the established parties and their power, destabilized and weakened them, and reduced their political power for the benefit of the citizens of Bahujan society.

          And they always say that unless there is an unstable and weak government, policies for the benefit of the citizens of the Bahujan society cannot be implemented and implemented.

           Secondly, it is not that the leaders of the Congress and other parties do not know the game of the EVM machine in which the central government of the Congress, along with the opposition parties, passed a resolution in the Lok Sabha regarding the EVM machine.

          Needless to say, Congress will be in central power in 2024.

           But going forward, “Bahujan Samaj Party’s national status will not remain in the game of EVM machine, but the citizens of OBC-SC-ST-minority Muslims-liberated nomadic tribes and backward social groups of this country will be a straight defeat and this defeat will be known only to the people of humanist ideology. .

            I am of the clear opinion that the defeat of the Bahujan Samaj Party is a direct defeat of all the citizens of the Bahujan Samaj in this country.

       Therefore, it is imperative that the citizens of the Bahujan community in the country should be alert and aware in time and banish EVM machines from the electoral process forever…

         Ideally Dr. Krantisurya. After Babasaheb Ambedkar, it is well known that only Kanshi Ram, who was the leader of real politics and social causes, told all the citizens of the country.