Don’t want MLA from two-three houses, get ready to make MLA from OBC category in Chimur assembly constituency…:- Na.Vijay Wadettiwar…  — Nalayak Guruji is walking under police protection.  Bullying language will not be tolerated, fun and bullying will be eradicated.  — It’s been nine years and no water from Indira Sagar has been received through Mokhabardi canal…  — Illegal mining of Muruma and theft of crores of rupees royalty..  — Alcohol?  — Concluding program of public dialogue….Birje Patil Maidan Chimur…..


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

            In the constituencies of Bahujans, people from two or three families who do not fight for their interests by becoming MLAs on the basis of Bahujans will no longer be allowed to become MLAs. Under the next assembly elections, Chimur Assembly Constituency will have only OBC MLAs and it is your and my job to make OBC MLAs. By making a statement, the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Mr. Vijaybhau Vadettiwar has created a new ray of hope among the women sisters, male brothers, young men and women present in the Chimur Assembly Constituency and alerted all the citizens of the Bahujan community for their existence.

             On the occasion of the Jansamvad Yatra closing program of the National Congress Party and on the occasion of the birthday of former Zilla Parishad President Dr. Satish Warjukar, National Congress Party’s Maharashtra State President Nanabhau Patole, Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly Mr. Vijaybhau Wadettiwar, former MLA and former Mining Development Corporation President, National Congress Party Maharashtra Pradesh General Secretary Dr. Avinash Warjukar, Legislative Council MLA Abhijit Vanjari, Adivasi Cell National Congress Party State President Dr. Namdevrao Usendi, and other dignitaries were present on the forum.

          Na.Vijaybhau Vadettiwar said that his political strategy is to win the war and win the war in the political sphere.

             Every worker of Chimur Assembly Constituency is well known to him and he is close to him. Because of this, he is sure that he can pull victory in Chimur Assembly Constituency.


 Now different issues and secrets of Na.Vijaybhau Vadettiwar…

 1) Nalayak Guruji..

           Sambhaji Bhide aka Manohar Kulkarni, who says that eating mangoes makes you weak and constantly insults the great men who are our inspiration, is a worthless Guruji and this worthless Guruji is walking around under police protection.

              This worthless Guruji has done the work of creating a rift in the society by speaking insultingly about the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the pioneer of social revolution Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule and the great man of the age Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and has done serious work in such a way that the people of Maharashtra feel hatred towards each other. has done

             Meanwhile, this worthless Guruji is walking under the protection of the police. Vijbhau Vadettiwar made an important statement of legal and social harmony that if our government comes, he will not be left without jail.


2) The language of bullying will not be tolerated and will always answer…”What has been done for Bahujan Samaj?”

              It is not right that when Bahujan community has Chimur Assembly Constituency, they become MLAs of two or three houses on the strength of their own votes and speak the language of bullying.

           But the fact that he is speaking the language of bullying by becoming an MLA will not be tolerated. This time we will show him his place and make him an MLA from the OBC category in Chimur Assembly Constituency.

            At the same time, speaking in accordance with the statement of apology, he pulled on MLA Bantibhau Bhangdia and said that the people of Chimur will deport you, but the fun and bully of those who speak the language of bullying will be destroyed, the language of bullying will not be tolerated. “Dudh ka dudh, pani ka pani… Again speaking challengingly, he said that if you have a son, bring an apology letter.. We will not apologize and we will not apologize…

            While making the statement that we will run away and kill the bullies during the upcoming assembly elections, he asked the question, “Are we the children of the bastards?”


3) There is no water from Mokhabardi canal…

             It has been 9 years since Kirti Kumar Bhangdia became the MLA of Chimur Assembly Constituency, but the farmers of Chimur taluka have not yet received water through the sub-canal of Mokhabardi canal of Indira Sagar.

            Of course, he went on to say that this MLA is not careful towards farmers.


 4) Mangalsutra and street thief and Murum thief…

           Is the intention of MLA Bunti Bhangdia who gives mangalsutra to sisters following the Rakshabandhan program clear? It is time to think about it. An MLA who gives mangalsutra to girls, widows, old people, women? And what should one say to such MLA? He strongly challenged the women sisters present not to allow the MLA who was giving mangalsutra to come to his door.

             This MLA is a murum thief and street thief and he made a serious allegation in the closing program of Jan Samswad that royalties can be taken from his house in connection with murum chori.


5) alcohol…

        Who gave NOC to set up new liquor shops in Chimur Kranti Bhumi? Chitratai Wagh should have asked MLA Bhangdia and informed Chitratai Wagh that his own persons were selling liquor during liquor ban.

       He also went on to say that what is wrong in the fact that we have lifted prohibition and avoided the financial loss of poor people considering the increasing crime rate in the district.


              Mr. Vijaybhau Vadettiwar, while guiding the closing program of National Congress Party’s public dialogue in Chimur Assembly Constituency, gave important guidance to the audience while commenting on many issues and brought to light the chaos of the rulers of Maharashtra.

            At the same time, Bunty Bhangdia attacked the local MLAs of Chimur Assembly Constituency and accused them of improper governance.

         Vijaybhau Vadettiwar’s support to the brothers and sisters of Chimur Assembly Constituency and the work done by him to help the poor will not be forgotten.