Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi’s massive public outcry march will strike Chimur Deputy Collector’s office on October 18… — “The serious issue of removing EVMs, saving the country,.. will reach the Chief Election Commissioner of the country through a written letter… — “One voice, when will the welfare of the farmers and laborers along with the Bahujan society?

Pradeep Ramteke

editor in chief

            As the election process conducted by EVM machines is questionable and untrustworthy, the main demand that the next Lok Sabha and Assembly should not be conducted by EVM machines for the benefit of farmers, laborers, unemployed, all citizens,” Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi will hold a protest march at the Deputy Collector’s office of Chimur on October 18. is

            The protest march to be held on October 18 will be led by world famous Bhadanta Mahathero Gyanjyoti, Bhadanta Dhammacheti, Maharashtra state executive member of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi Kushal Meshram, Vidarbha chief coordinator and former state minister Dr. Ramesh Kumar Gajbe, Vidarbha coordinator Arvind Sandekar, Chandrapur district in-charge Rajesh Borkar, Chandrapur district executive president Jaideep Khobragade, District Advisor Nilkanth Shende, Vinod Dethe, District Vice President Snehdeep Khobragade and all other Chandrapur district office bearers and Chimur taluka office bearers of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi will do it.

            Jan Awach Morcha will start from Constituent Chowk Police Station Chimur and the said Morcha will conclude after completion of the planned program at Deputy Collector’s Office Chimur.


EVM machine hacking is a serious form of….

            On the one hand, “Election process by EVM machines has become a major disaster for the Bahujan community in this country and on the other hand, it has been a boon to safeguard the interests of capitalists and Brahmins.”

         Evidence has been presented in the Supreme Court that EVM machines are being used as a weapon by the ruling party during elections. However, there is no way to know when the Supreme Court will hear about EVM machine hacking.

        In a democracy, the citizens of the country have asked why the Supreme Court is not sensitive and serious about EVM machine hacking when it is of unique importance to the citizens of the country.

              The election process conducted by EVM machine is not fear free, trustworthy, transparent because after voting, the voters are not sure that the vote has been given to the candidate they voted for.

           While voting, it is not enough that the light turns on and the symbol of the candidate appears when the button of the EVM machine is pressed. But after voting, the candidate’s symbol ticket for which the voter is voting should be clearly confirmed as it accumulates outside and inside and all the ballot papers should be counted. Only then by the EVM machine. It can be assumed that the election process is transparent. Otherwise, there is no problem in assuming that the election conducted by EVM machine is fraudulent.

          Ideally, the election process by EVM machine is killing the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar school of thought parties and making those parties powerless.

            Due to this, it is necessary to stop the election process by EVM machines in India and it is the need of the hour.


 Important demands of the deprived…

      1) Indian election process should be conducted on ballot paper.

    2) The condition of three generations should be abolished and all encroaching farmers should be given ownership right leases immediately.

     3) K.G. That PG education should be made free.

     4) Privatization of 64 thousand government schools should be cancelled.

    5) Caste wise census of all castes should be done.

    6) Government decision of 6th September 2023 regarding contracting should be cancelled.

    7) Zilla Parishad should stop privatization of primary schools.

    8) Elections to local self-government bodies should be announced.

    9) The old pension scheme should be implemented immediately to the regular employees of government, semi-government and private establishments.

    10) Fair guaranteed price should be given to farmers’ agricultural produce…

    11) The water of Gosikhurd Sagar should be made available to farmers perennially.

    12) Urgent aid should be announced to drought affected and loss affected farmers.

    13) The bogus recruitment of professors in Gondwana University should be canceled immediately.

     14) The list of disqualified Gharkul holders in Chimur taluka should be made public immediately.

     15) A guaranteed price of 15 thousand rupees should be given to farmers’ cotton.

     16) Pandan roads in Chimur taluka should be approved as soon as possible..

     17) All loans of farmers should be waived immediately…

      18) Paddy farmers should be given guaranteed price of 5 thousand rupees per quintal.

      19) Farmers should be supplied with 24 hours electricity…

      20) Due installments under Sanjay Gandhi Yojana and Shravan Bal Yojana should be paid immediately…

           Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi will hold all the above demands at the government and administrative level…


Victorious preparations for the march.

       On behalf of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi Party, the protest march to be held in Chimur has been started and the propaganda system has been started to participate in the march.

            Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi has planned that 100 citizens and women should participate in the march from the village by their own vehicle and at their own expense.



           Without struggle against exploitation, injustice and tyranny, success cannot be achieved and self-respect cannot be maintained. A society which does not continuously struggle legitimately for self-interest and self-welfare cannot get its rights.

          That is why agitation and struggle through legal means has become necessary.