“Father, confident and patient!  — How to live in adverse conditions? His eloquent description in few words..  — Memorial Day special…


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

        We have read the description of father in many words.

            A father is not only the giver of birth, but he is the guide of children’s lives without realizing it and is always the support if understood.

               He is so strong that problems and troubles stand in front of the father and he is the mighty warrior who sets aside the sorrows and pains and builds up the lives of the children.

                Ideally, he is a profound philosopher who captures the innermost thoughts of children.

             Whether the father is amused or annoyed, whether the father is in pain or suffering, whether the father is in trouble or in trouble, but he is a self-confident and strong man who constantly strives for the welfare, future and safety of his children.

            A father who digests his own innumerable sorrows and bare pains and shows joy in his own face is difficult to understand.

          This same father is sweating and toiling for the future of his children, but when he does not allow us to feel sorrow and pain, the emotions in his heart are so vast that we cannot measure them.


 “Friends, mine too,”Father, such is Maha Vishal!

 There is no limit to work, faith, perseverance, pain, pain, plans, plans, duty, goal, success. These words, which create endless consciousness and give energy, do not allow the psyche to sit still.

          When the above words which are always ringing in the ears activate the situation, the father keeps the upbringing of the children and their future in the corner of his mind. He is so determined and determined.

          My Babuji died on 17th August 1995 in Dr. Nimje’s clinic at Mauja Neri under Chimur taluka at 5:00 am in the morning due to the first heart attack in my arms and the flow of tears stopped.

Even though there was heavy rain and the surrounding rivers were flooded, the huge crowd for my Babuji’s final darshan told me a lot of meaning and karma.

       My babu ji illiterate but a storehouse of knowledge! Ideally he is calm, self-possessed, intelligent and skilled achiever…

         We four siblings, our education and upbringing and mother’s constant illness, always worried Babuji.

          There is no limit to the world, but when the poverty of the eighteen worlds is always creating challenges, how much will a person who is struggling to survive? This serious question is a deep subject of study…

           But not wavering even in such difficult and adverse circumstances, my father focused on our education while taking care of my mother’s health.

         A moneylender (moneylender) came to my Babuji, who was raging day and night, and said, “Hey, Bhiwa, ..? Rather than die fasting, keep your two sons as servants for four feet of millet every month!”

           Hearing my Babuji’s polite reply to this, I was stunned for a moment.

            Babuji’s answer was, “Baba is joining hands, he will fast many times but he will not allow my children to work for anyone.. He teaches my children my parine!…

           The situation at home is desperate, we have often had the experience of hand-me-downs and eating on water. Along with this, many times we were fasting, but we did not go to anyone’s door.

          Seeing the heart-wrenching poverty, my Babu ji started taking me and my elder grandfather to work in the soil. At the same time, he inspired us to do the work of seasoning tendu leaves, planting paddy, cutting and weeding sorghum.

         The purpose behind this work was only mother’s treatment, our education and struggle to feed…

Babu ji constantly worked hard. But even after hardships, when he needed money, he sold three and a half acres of land, two buffaloes, a cow, and a pair of bullocks. But he did not let our education get in the way.

         At the same time, I got seven years of Babuji’s blessing to take care of my mother during her critical health period, this is my luck!

           My mother was also quiet, self-possessed, intelligent, and accomplished!

             Our parents’ traditions are on us! Because of this, we, three brothers and one sister, have not quarreled, quarreled or disrespected anyone till date.

           My elder grandfather is a super class one officer in central excise office and younger brother is a supervisor. Ideally the sister is a housewife and well educated. Her husband is our beloved son-in-law manager. Personally, I am in the field of journalism and have worked in many positions in the social and political fields.

         The meaning is that it is our best karma that we got a confident and understanding Babuji who never gave up in life.

       His Afar Kabadakshta and his understanding nature still inspire us!” Babuji never got angry with us, we cannot forget that he gave us the shadow of Afar Maya.


                 On the occasion of today’s Memorial Day, we humbly salute you!


              your long life

           Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor :- Dakhl News Bharat and Vidarbha Vice President Maharashtra State Marathi Journalists Association Mumbai….