In the lives of hundreds of alumni”May 14″ is underlined.  — There was a ‘reunion’ after 30 years.. “Affection”    Prof. Mahesh Panse.

          The auspicious occasion of the reunion of students who studied at Navjabai Hitkarini High School Navegaon Pandav from 1976 to 2000 took place on 14 May 2023. Overall, 14 May can be said to be an unforgettable day in the lives of hundreds of ex-students and students.

         How can we forget this day of 14th May, which brought together more than 300 friends who were once friends but now strangers from the period of 35 to 40 years.

           They bid farewell to each other without misroot on their lips Left and gone, innocent girls with short braids of full black hair got involved in the world. They all remembered each other but became strangers.

           However, in this ex-student meeting organized in Nehi School on 11th May 2023, some of them came before the audience after 25, 30 and some of them after 35 years.

          250 to 300 former students and graduates lost in their 12 to 16 years. After two to three tapas May 14, 2023, the day that brings you from your changed unknown form to childhood, makes way for tears of joy.

          It was a matter of great pride that the teachers who formed us in NE Vidyalaya were also present to bless their students and witness this sweet meeting ceremony.

          Most of our teachers are past 75, 80, elderly but with the same love and affection they enjoyed with their former students and vidyathins and took them with Chirathvan.

         The same school, the same students, the same teachers from the alumni meeting. What a pleasant, memorable day it was. To tell the truth, this day has become a lifelong friendship for hundreds of our ex-students. May 14, the rebirth of friendship, has become unforgettable for hundreds of students.

         Not only in Vidarbha, but in the entire state, 300 to 350 ex-school students who are separated from each other for 30, 35 years have never met.

         Even though we were the organizers of this grand and unforgettable Alumni and Alumni gathering, the awareness with which the school prepared and prepared was emotional. There was no artificiality at all. Such schools and institutions are rare. happened

           A year has passed since the Alumni gathering, but now all the Alumni and the students have achieved inner closeness. Everyone is participating in each other’s happiness is the real meaning of this gathering.

        Vijay Vadettiwar, Former Minister Shobhatai Fadnavis, Teacher MLA Adbale Sir, Ashok Bhaiyaji, Secretary of N.H. Education Institute were the witnesses of this gathering.

 It is special that he kept aside his occupation and politics and enjoyed this gathering with great curiosity and indulged in children’s gossip.