Environmental Public Hearing of Konsari Steel Project… — Demand for employment and other development work for local unemployed… — Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited Company was assured that it was committed…

 Dr. Jagdish Vennam/Editor

 Gadchiroli :-A public hearing on environment was held on 07th July 2023 in the complex of Lloyds Metals Energy Limited at Konsari in Gadchiroli district.

     At the public hearing, the representatives of the district MP.Ashok Nete leader, MLA. Dr. Devrao Holi, XMLA Deepak Dada Atram, Collector Sanjay Meena, and Officer of Environment Department in Chandrapur Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited Company Director B. Prabhakaran present.

      The public hearing was organized by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Regional Office Chandrapur at the project site of Lloyds Metal and Energy Limited at Konsari. Employment to the local educated and uneducated unemployed, salary according to educational qualification, increase in salary, induct at least two members of each household into the service of the company, demand to provide employment to the families affected by the Shubhi project as per the agreement. Health facilities, other geographical and physical facilities should be adopted from the company and all facilities should be provided by the company. No, but the company’s chimneys should be placed higher to prevent air pollution, clean water, trees should be planted in every village, a plan should be made to dispose of spilled water and whether that water is beneficial for agriculture. A multispecialty hospital should be set up by the company in the area so that the people of the area can get better health care. The establishment of a nationalized bank at Konsari was demanded..

       At this public hearing, Mr. Sarpanch, Upasarpanch, members and villagers of Kadholi, Jairampur, Mudholi Chak 2, Somanpalli, Bahadurpur, Chandankhedi (Khardi) have assured that Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited is committed to resolve all the demands presented to the administration.