Will Poonam stop Tushar from remarrying?  — Due to love marriage relatives and society also broke, forest for food, disgrace came from all sides in life..  — Chimur Police says Tushar can marry again, what role will Superintendent of Police Chandrapur take? Vanvan bhatkataya Poonam for justice, there is a high possibility of political interference..  — Bhandvi will appeal to civil court under section 199,200? Otherwise Poonam may die?.”Who will help poor Poonam?

Pradeep Ramteke

        Chief Editor

               Once the age of marriage is reached, love marriage and inter-caste love marriage are legally accepted. However, the Punam case once again came to the fore that the society still does not obey the said law and does not make a good mind to establish equality.

          Tushar Maroti Bagde, a murderer from Mauja Tekepar in Chimur taluk, promised Punam his love and support for life and married her on November 18, 2021 at Shri Mahadev Devasthan, Varora.

         After the marriage, Chalakh Tushar kept Poonam in a room in Chimur without taking her home and abused her physically and mentally.

            What’s more, Poonam says that Tushar conspired and aborted Poonam’s first pregnancy. Later, after Poonam’s second pregnancy, he blackmailed Chimur by keeping Chimur in his girlfriend’s room.

       His parents, along with the ruthless Tushar Bagde, did not fulfill the responsibility of Poonam’s upbringing and pushed the caste forward and cast doubt on the character of Poonam.

 The insensitive and strange type is that because of Punam’s inter-caste love marriage, her relatives and socialites tried to get rid of her and left her. It is suspected that Tushar, his parents and the police department are taking advantage of this alliance.

          It has come forward that Tushar is getting married for the second time on April 18, 2024 in the Shri.Gurudev Seva Mandal Hall in Neri and there is a lot of public discussion about the second marriage in Akhya Chimur taluka.

            When the case of Tushar marrying second time came to light, Poonam lodged a written complaint at police station Chimur. But considering the seriousness of the case against Tushar Bagde and his parents, without taking necessary criminal action, they only filed a chargeable offense under Bhandavi section 506, 504 and Raised hand and told Poonam to complain in court? It can be seen from the case of the victim Poonam and the functioning of the Chimur Police Station that the strange Hindu Marriage Act applies to the poor.

Pradeep Ramteke, Maharashtra State Executive President of N. World Human Rights Organization, discussed the Poonam case with Superintendent of Police Chandrapur through mobile phone and requested him to pay attention to the Poonam case. Superintendent of Police Chandrapur said that he is talking to Chimur Police Station Thanedar Santosh Bakal about the Poonam case. What to do is the puzzle for now.

           Chimur Police says Tushar, any person can marry again. There are no restrictions on this. Because of this, the state of law is confused with the second marriage relationship. They only know that Chimur Police is confusing Poonam and creating loopholes.

           Mrs. Punam Tushar Bagde, who is poor in financial condition and struggling for a single donation of food, is going to Chimur Civil Court today to enter the case under Bhandvi Section 199,200. It is also difficult to say whether the judge, government lawyer/private lawyer is supportive or not.

            Ms. Poonam is desperate to continue her struggle against Bebandshahi and says that if she does not get justice by April 17, 2024 or if the police department does not cooperate, her last breath may be on April 18, 2024.

            Ideally, there is a strong possibility that there is political and social interference in Mrs. Punam Tushar Bagde’s case.