Lover Priyashi hanged himself with a single rope…  — But the beloved is alive and the lover is dead…

Rushi sahare


    In Armory town on Wednesday – May 15th around 10:30 PM, boyfriend and girlfriend committed suicide by hanging themselves in a rented room. Happened. The incident came to light around seven o’clock in the evening as it spread everywhere like a wind.

         According to information received, boyfriend Rahul Gajanan Age 20 years with Savasa. Shivaji It is learned that both Chowk, Armory and Preyisi came together on May 15 in a rented room in Bardi area behind Armory Tehsil Office.

        But it is not yet known why both of them came together. On the same night, around 10 to 11 o’clock, a rumor spread like wind that two people had committed suicide by hanging themselves in the area of Armory city.

         However, as there was no sure information that someone had hanged himself, many people tried to remain silent. As soon as the incident came to know, the Armory police reached the spot.

        In this, if the lover dies, the life of the beloved is on the line.

      In many places, there is a vociferous discussion going on in Armori city that many people are being given rooms on rent without any verification.

        How did boyfriend and girlfriend hang themselves at the same time? Since such a question has arisen, doubts have arisen. Since the reason behind the hanging is still under wraps, the demand of the senior officials to pay close attention to the matter and unravel the matter as soon as possible is getting stronger.