A mockery of the right to vote, a mockery of democracy and a mockery of the constitution.

        The Chief Election Commission which is our (people’s) servant (constitutionally) has mocked and conducted the elections on EVMs in spite of opposition and finally disrespected our vote and finally showed the basket of fundamental rights……..

      As if the entire system was doing us a favor.

       The most important and essential fundamental right in the entire democratic system of governance is that of election.

       The right to vote?

       Yes, but in our country, the importance of this has not been ingrained to the general public, even if someone slaps us with sweet words for a trivial reason, for greed, we forget it and we are free to give the opportunity of the country’s development in our hands, which will come in five years, to someone else without any thought. 

           Considering this process as democracy, we are repeating it again for five years…..!

       The system and all the political parties benefit from this mentality. This should never happen.

       That is why Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had said early on that your right to vote in a democracy is “more valuable than your life.”

          But still we don’t think its worth it. The main reason for this is that our democracy and constitution have not reached or been allowed to reach us.

           The same right of vote was afforded by these EVMs in 20 years from 2004 to 2024. When people realized this EVM game during 2023 to 2024, people woke up and took to the streets. And within this awareness, the Chief Election Commission (which is not loyal to the constitution but a slave of the government) is desperately trying to give the rulers a tilt by holding the elections on EVM.

           Similarly, Modi’s docket is involved in creating confusion in the public mind through media exit polls. Even if the opposition and people are waiting for June 4, tomorrow, the anti-constitutional forces will be able to carry out the efforts that have been setting EVMs for the last 5 years. Because Modi Shah has made perfect use of Sama, Dam, Dand and Bheda.

     What’s more, Shah has given breath to 180 election decision officials. This means clearly, that our opinion has been disrespected. Moreover, videos of people grabbing EVM machines loaded with trucks are seen on social media.

          What will be the result of all this will be clear tomorrow. Whatever the result…

  No matter who the government comes, but if we (the people) want to take democracy and constitution out of ICU and make the future of the next generation bright, the only solution is to make the awareness of this democracy and constitution beyond caste, religion and politics…

       Otherwise, we will have to live and die like a worm in a drain and live and die in a miserable state by becoming the slaves of these diplomatic politicians and political parties.

        Neither we nor the country will have any future.

       A challenger and author of awareness     

      Anant kerbaji Bhavare

    Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689..