Badveraj will not allow to visit Vitthal temple in Pandharpur again..  — Determination of Phadkari, Dindikari, Kirtankar Varak in Alandi..

 Dinesh Kuhrade

 Deputy Editor

 Pune Divisional

         Alandi: After many years of struggle, Pandurang of Pandharpur has been freed from the clutches of Badwa. The dream of all ordinary workers came true. Now a petition has been filed in Bombay High Court to give Vitthal Badwa’s custody again. All pilgrims of the pilgrimage have united against this. In a meeting held at Alandi on Monday, the Warkars have decided that they will not allow the Vitthal temple to be taken over by the Badvas again.

          A meeting of Fadkari, Dindikari, Kirtankar Waraks was organized at Alandi to fight for the Warakaris to remain in the same system as the Pandurang of Pandharpur is now. In this meeting the descendants of Kaikadi Maharaj Abbot Bharat Maharaj Jadhav, Bapusaheb Maharaj Tembukar, Balasaheb Maharaj Dehukar, Bhagwat Maharaj Jalgaonkar, Rajabhau Chopdar, Chaitanya Maharaj Kabir, Padurang Maharaj Shitole, Govind Maharaj Gore, Sarang Maharaj Kshirsagar, Tukaram Maharaj Ghadge, Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri, Prakash Maharaj Javanjal, Narahari Maharaj Chaudhary, Dushasan Maharaj Kshirsagar, Vikas Maharaj Lawande, Jalinder Maharaj Kalokhe, Devram Maharaj Kothare, Saurabh Shinde and other eminent kirtankars, Dindikars, Fadkaris were present. The meeting was organized by Bharat Maharaj Jadhav and Bharat Maharaj Ghogre Guruji.

        On this occasion Bhagwat Maharaj Jalgaonkar and Balasaheb Maharaj Ukhlikar, speaking on behalf of Fadkari, Dindikari community, expressed strong feelings. Although the government has been made a respondent in the petition, it is necessary for us to go to court on behalf of the plaintiffs. He informed that she has made preparations and a lawyer has been appointed on behalf of Didikari-Phadak. Shamsundar Maharaj Sonnar appealed that if they have to fight on the streets along with the Nyalayan battle, they should prepare accordingly. Bharat Maharaj Ghogre Guruji introduced the meeting.