Ankush, who went to Jagli, was killed by a tiger during the night to protect the farm.

Diksha Lalita Devanand Karhade

              News editor

           Farmers have to protect their crops with their lives to meet their basic needs. There is no telling when farmers will be killed by tigers which are wild animals.

          A similar fatal incident took place at night in the case of youths who went to Jagli to protect the farm property.

           Ankush Shravan Khobragade of Mauja Khangaon in Chimur taluk used to go to his farm at night to protect his crops.

          The tiger must have guessed this, so Ankush Shravan must have been sitting close to Khobragade’s farm in order to hunt the tiger.

        Ankush Shravan Khobragade was going to defecate at night when the tigers attacked and killed him and took him some distance away and ate him.

            When Ankush did not return home in the morning, when they searched for him, it came out that he was the victim of a tiger.

         The said incident was informed to the concerned forest department officials and Shegaon (BU) Police Station Thanedar. Both the department officials entered the spot and the dead body was shifted to Chimur Rural Hospital for post-mortem.

         Citizens of the locality had thronged to the spot to see Ankush Shravan Khobragade. Citizens were expressing their grief as a worthy youth was killed innocently.