If EVMs were to be deleted permanently,”then.!

       “The world’s largest and most transparent democracy, alive and kicking, would have been emulated by neighboring nations…and they too would have come their way and hung chaos on the world’s doorstep.

           Because of determination to set EVM and hold elections on it, and because of Modi giving such faith to Shinde and Ajit group and because of fear of ED on the other hand because of chewing the bones of the ministership……

 This church did not look back even to change the father overnight…..!”

       “Until now this country has never seen a shameless and lying, unethical prime minister who imposed Mann Ki Baat on us and accused NCP of 70,0000 crores of corruption, took the same corrupt leader in his party on the third day..!

         However, it is said that Ab Ki Bar 400 Par, on what basis? So only and only in BEL company with BJP 4/4 director in which these EVMs are manufactured…!”

       “With the help of E.D. and CBI, first strengthened his grip on the administration, then handed over the coconut to his own party elders….

          Then these dark-skinned opposition parties clipped their wings, and then used EVMs to take away the right to vote from the hands of the people.

“But, this church is completely forgetting one aspect, that is the warning given by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar that, “If religion becomes dominant in politics, we will lose our freedom forever.”

       Similarly, former American President Mr. Barack Obama’s statement about India on the Manipur issue is not to be ignored. He says, “If this is not stopped in time, India will be torn apart by anarchy…..!

     What does this mean?

         Every constitutionalist and Ambedkarist Indian citizen must bear this in mind and demonstrate responsible behavior through action.

        Even if we want to prepare for the second freedom war, we cannot look back…!



 The Constitution…


  Humanity has a fringe…..!!!


 It requires selflessness, sacrifice, struggle and surrender.

       Politicians like Nitish Kumar take the first initiative to form an alliance against the BJP, and see the situation again and sit in their own lap…

  What a surprise…?

Murrabi politicians like Ashok Chavan, whose family members were in the Congress and enjoyed high positions, also change their fathers overnight….

    What surprise is this…..?

        So all this magical magic is only and only the glory of the set EVM……!

        And because this confidence was given to all the veterans by this black and white, he gave morals away….!!!!

         All these events which are happening or are happening. This reminds us of a historical event of England………

       On April 20, 1653, the Commander-in-Chief entered the Parliament of England. He placed a gunner behind each MP. The Commander-in-Chief himself sat in the Speaker’s chair and addressed the MPs, “You have been sent by the people in this House by franchise to legislate for the welfare of the people and enforce them. Countries do not hesitate to sell….!

         Do you have a felony conviction? If you have even a shred of shame left in you, blacken your face out of this hall right now, or my soldiers will grab your booty and drag you out.”

     What is the meaning of the above incident?

         So our country of India is also moving in the same direction at the speed of Corona.

     Such a situation has been created in this country on the strength of this black and white EVM….

         Even if for any reason the dream of Ab Ki Bar 400 Par comes true…….or even comes to power…….or even if India Aghadi government comes to power……even so….. Now, however, we will not stop the constitutional awareness.

          Because the mistakes made in the last 75 years will not be allowed anymore. As a common citizen of India, we will be ready to make any sacrifices.

    The only hope is that the EVMs don’t attack…….

   That’s why…

  Till then…..

 Wait and Watch..


          Anant kerbaji Bhavare

 Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689