What will you say to that mother’s tears? “For the poor husband…  — Need help with blood..?


     Diksha Karhade 

 Chief Executive Editor

           Only those who know the pain of living in the worst conditions… and in such an unbearable and lonely situation, the pain under the pain knows no bounds..

          When Maulisi was contacted on the phone, her tears literally burst and Oksabokshi began to cry and express her grief.

              At whose turmeric grinding mill my husband used to work daily, “We didn’t get a simple phone call from the owner of that mill for three days! And they didn’t even ask him when my little baby was at home!.. What can we say to Manushki and the difficult times? Such mind-blowing things. Reactions were from a wife and a mother!

          Who will tell? What should be said to the tears of that mauli? A poor woman living in eighteen world poverty is struggling for her husband’s treatment…

        Who can guess the deep thoughts of Mauli and the eyelids of her eyes that constantly open in the hope that someone will help her? The reality today is that the mother’s mind, which ideally wanders in the right direction for the proper treatment of her husband, does not allow her to live healthy.

            Ah!…She is a resident of Mauja Neri under Mauli Chimur taluka and her husband’s right hand got crushed by the wheel of a turmeric grinding mill on Thursday and was amputated.

           So much blood has flowed out of the body through the mutilated hand that currently Vilas Bankar’s body is in need of blood power and he also urgently needs rupees for further treatment. It belongs to Mrs. Sapna Vilas Bankar.

        Vilas Tukaram Bankar is currently undergoing treatment at General Hospital Chandrapur and his contact number is:- 7798771784..

          Sangana!,”Will anyone help? Vilas Bunkar?