Lloyds Metals & Energy Limited Company Surjagad Iron Ore Inauguration of Solar Powered Double Pump Tap Water Supply…  — Sarpanch, Upasarpanch, Patil, Police Patil, Bhumia inaugurated the ceremony at Bande, Mallampadi and Manger…

Dr.jagdish vennam


 Today on 25/5/23 Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited Company Surjagad Iron and Social Responsibility Department has inaugurated double pump tap water supply based on solar energy at Bande, Mallampadi and Manger by Sarpanch, Upasarpanch, Ex-Sarpanch, Patil, Bhumia. .

        Solar powered tap water supply will continuously supply water during the day by storing the water in a storage tank of 10000 liters capacity and will supply enough water even in the evening and at night. After this, water will be supplied to Jarewada, Karampali and Kudri in Etapally taluka as soon as possible.

         On this occasion, citizens of Bande, Mallampadi and Manger villages attended in large numbers and praised Lloyds Metals and Energy Company.