Bahujan society is being destroyed under the word development?  — India ranks 5th in the world in terms of unemployment!..  — Poverty increased in the country, the debt of the country, i.e. the citizens of the country, was four times more than that of the foreign countries during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what about this?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

            Politics and social causes are two sides of the same coin. Because of this, it is 100% true that one cannot show strength or be successful in politics without trusting the society under social causes.

            However, politicians and social workers are failing to bring out the reality that Bahujan’s understanding is being destroyed in the false words of development, who will think accordingly? When to think easily or intellectually? This is a difficult question.

              According to the latest statistics, the unemployment rate in urban areas has increased from 8.55 percent to 7.93 percent. However, it has increased from 6.45 percent to 7.23 percent in rural areas. Currently, the unemployment rate in India is 7.95 percent.

          This means that during the period of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the percentage of unemployment was 5.60 percent in 2014. According to the data of CMIE, the number of unemployment has increased according to Bloomberg’s survey.

            During the tenure of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, 2 crore unemployed youth used to demand employment.

          Now during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 22 crore youth are seeking employment.

              From this it can be seen that the number of unemployed people seeking employment has increased rapidly. According to unemployment, India is at the 5th position in the world. From this it can be seen that in terms of citizens, India is lagging far behind as a developed nation.

             In the year 2014, India’s economy was 2 trillion dollars and under economy India was included in 10 countries in the world. Now it has become 3.75 trillion dollars and India is now at the 5th place in the world under economy.

However, what is the relationship between the poor in the country and this economic ranking? Only the Ministry of Finance and Commerce of the Central Government can explain this.

                In 8 years, 22 crore unemployed people sought government jobs, but only 722 thousand unemployed youths got government jobs.

             Rapid population growth, lack of employment policy at the national level, faulty education policy, non-existence of cottage and rural-small scale industries, central government’s privatization policy, de-emphasis on traditional agricultural income and slow economic growth, reduction of human labor are the root cause of unemployment.

               The fact that the unemployment problem will continue in India cannot be denied until the participation of the youth and citizens of the Bahujan society in the political sphere, industry, small scale industry, administration is not determined according to their population.

         Unless the central government plans and carefully implements educational, industrial, and agricultural economic policies for the benefit and upliftment of the Bahujan community, there is nothing real about the Bahujan community.

             While bombarding in the name of development, the number of poverty is constantly increasing in the country and during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the foreign currency debt of the country, that is, the citizens of the country, has increased four times, what about this?

                 According to the latest data for the year 2022-23, India’s external debt is Rs 152.61 lakh crore, while domestic debt is Rs 54.04 lakh crore.

          Ideally, it is not hidden that the decent character of the country is being damaged as many politicians are lying to the public and doing fabrications.