World 9th Yoga Day Celebration at Lloyds Metals & Energy Company Limited Surjagad Iron Ore Mines… — On this occasion all senior officers, officers and employees of the company were present in large numbers…


Dr. Jagdish.R. Vennam/Editor

 Etapally :-World Goya Day was celebrated today on 21st June at Lloyds Metals and Energy Company Limited Surjagad Iron ore Mines at Hedari in Etapally taluka of Gadchiroli district. A total of 250 people including officers, employees and drivers participated in this event. T-shirts were distributed to everyone and yoga started. All the yogasanas were done and the attendees were given fruits and cold drinks

Information of Respected Yoga Teacher Dilip Burade Sir is as follows

 What is yoga?

 Various concepts about yoga such as yogasana, yoga life, yoga vision, yoga sadhana have been prevalent in India since long ago. If a special movement is to be made in the spiritual field, the thinking and conduct of Yoga Drishti is followed.

 Yoga is integration! Various concepts such as integration, unity, integration can also be said about yoga. All living things are interconnected. His actual experience is yoga!

 A very high state of human life can be attained through yoga. Yoga knowledge has been available in India since ancient times. The concept of yoga is used as a special part of the spiritual process.

 Various Yoga Sutras are used in Yoga. It includes things like Yama, Niyama, Pratyahara, Knowledge, Asana, Bhakti, Meditation.

 World Yoga Day – 21 June

 Every year on 21st June, ‘World Yoga Day’ is celebrated with the aim of making the practice of yoga and the whole method of yoga known to all and also to spread yoga all over the world.

Dr. Jagdish.R. Vennam… World Yoga Day editorial information follows

 In September 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed that June 21 should be celebrated as ‘World Yoga Day’ in the United Nations General Assembly.

     Out of total 193 countries, 175 countries agreed to this proposal. After detailed discussion, the proposal was fully approved in December 2014. On June 21, 2015, the first ‘World Yoga Day’ was celebrated all over the world.

 Significance of World Yoga Day –

 Yoga can bring about development in human life at physical, mental and spiritual levels. Its suffix is used by people who practice yoga. Such people are very suitable persons to preach yoga.

     If Yoga is propagated all over the world, India and Yoga way of life can help humanity to lead a positive and peaceful life.

     21st June holds significance as the biggest day of the year. On this day, sunrise is early and sunset is late. On this day Uttarayana ends and Dakshinayana begins. Therefore, as Yoga Day is celebrated on this day, its geographical, cultural and spiritual value increases.

How is World Yoga Day celebrated?

 All over the world there is a call to adopt a yogic way of life on this day. Body and mind are made yogic to make life happy, prosperous and happy. For this, the importance of yoga, pranayama, meditation is explained on this day.

 The importance of Yoga Day is spread everywhere through mass media with the aim of making everyone aware of Yoga Day and creating public awareness on the occasion. Yoga Day messages are spread everywhere using social media and internet. Big boards are put up everywhere.

Yoga lectures and demonstrations are presented at schools, colleges, government offices etc. to make everyone aware of all aspects of yoga therapy, yogasana, pranayama, Surya Namaskar.