Questions of teachers will be solved on priority.:- MLA Sudhakarrao Adbale.  — The Constitution proposal was unveiled.


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

 Chandpur: —-

        The teachers’ association has sent me to the Legislative Council with a record number of votes on its own initiative

 You are ready to solve the problem

 Willing to take the initiative, never disappointed

 Teacher MLA Sudhakarrao Adbale of Nagpur Division testified that he will not do it.

          District Business Education and Training

 He was speaking as the inaugural address at the inauguration ceremony of the Indian Constitution proposal in the office.

         The program was organized in collaboration with Vocational Curriculum, Industrial Training Institute and District Vocational Education and Training Office.

      The Indian Constitution Proposition was unveiled at the District Vocational Education and Training Office

 In organizing the meeting in the auditorium

 had come

        In-charge District Business in chief presence on the occasion

 Education and Training Officer Shri.Mehandale Sir

 And Ms. Kalpana Khobragade were present. They MLA Sudhakarrao Adbale

 He was felicitated with a shawl and shrifal.

        By the organizing committee Prof. Mahesh Panse introduced the technique exhibition

 Substantial funding by the government in the project

 Madam MLA to help

 A follow-up request was requested.

      Ideally, the position behind the unveiling of the preamble to the Constitution is explained.

       In-charge District Business Education and Training Officer Mr. Mehendale Sir and Ms. imagination

 Khobragade justified this

 Highlighted the activity.

 On this occasion Prof. Gunwant Darve, Prof. Dhwas, Prof. Gobale in vocational education

 Teachers of Government Industrial Training Institute for Girls, Government Industrial Training Institute, Technical Education School along with Prof. Shekhar Jumde

 And teachers are present in large numbers


         Beautiful conduct of the program and thank you

 Mr. Kale Sir did.