Good luck to the cotton farmers.  — In which bill?..which development?..



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

             “Cotton farmers” were looking at the Maharashtra state government with a hopeful eye that they would give the right price for cotton till the farming season!

         But, even though the farming season is approaching, the Maharashtra government has done the job of making the hopeful eyes of the farmers fall into depression by not paying the right price for the cotton.

            And whenever the government of BJP ally came to power in the state of Maharashtra, the bitter truth is that farmers did not get the right price for their agricultural produce.

           Due to this, it is a fact that the Maharashtra government has severely disappointed the cotton farmers of the state by not giving the right price to the cotton.

         This year, farmers were expecting that cotton would get a guaranteed price of at least Rs 14,000 per quintal.

      However, “it happened the other way around!” The seriousness of the farmers is that the responsible ministers of the Maharashtra government and the MLAs and Khasdars who are the representatives of the people in the state of Maharashtra have not even raised the bar to give the right price to the cotton.

           “The farmers are in financial crisis due to not getting the right price for the agricultural products. Central government and the state government can work to get the farmers out of the financial crisis by giving the right price to the farmers’ agricultural products.

       However, as the central government and the state government are not sensitive to bring the farmers out of the financial crisis, the farmers are suffering day by day.

         Due to nature’s capriciousness and cruelty, farmers have already broken their backs and suffered. How to live and how to educate children? This burning question is challenging in front of them.

While this is the case, why does the central government and the state government not get the key to the interests of the farmers? This is the wet blanket of their political tactics, but the farmers are waiting for it.

         Ideally, when there is a serious time of economic deprivation due to unfair prices on the farmers, it is not known in which hole the party leaders and other party officials, who spoke at length for the interests of the farmers during the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, are now hiding.

           Therefore, I have always said through editorials, external development issues cannot save the citizens and voters of this country or provide any kind of support during their crisis. Voters should understand that there is such a desperate and weak external development.

          The citizens of the country should recognize the fact that singing the sweet song that external development means doing other things does not do the best for the voters or the citizens of the country, nor can this external development come on time for your bright future.

           Ideally, the citizens of the country, voters, farmers, unemployed, students, laborers, people’s representatives should ask that “for our benefit and for our upliftment”, for the education of our children, for their bright future, what duty have you performed in the Vidhan Sabha and the Lok Sabha? And how many rupees financial budget has been reserved for us in the Artha Sankalpiya Convention?

         The development of the citizens, farmers, voters, laborers, unemployed, students of this country means the development of the country. This is the true definition of country development.

             Who will pay attention that the farmers, voters, citizens, laborers, students and others will not be harmed while spending the day in the sweetness of external development?