Children from Garanda School provided food and water for the parties…  — One grass of food, one grass of water..

    Kamal Singh Yadav

Taluka representative Parashivani

         “Ek ghas chucha, ek ghas kaucha,” the children grew up and started coming to school while eating the grass filled by the mother. Even in the school, the children started listening to the stories of animals and birds.

           Along with this, the school started to realize the effects of tree felling on nature and the life cycle of animals and birds. The summer started and the birds started feeling the lack of water.

         Therefore, the teachers and students of Zilla Parishad Primary School Garanda provided food and water facilities for the parties in the school premises for the parties.

         Zilla Parishad Primary School Garanda is an experimental school and from the point of view of biodiversity, the locality is green and the habitat of many species can be seen in this area.

          Birds are making their nests in this area during the breeding season. Every year in the summer, facilities are provided for these birds to have water supply in the school premises.

        This year too, with the concept of Principal Khushal Kapse and under the guidance of Assistant Teacher Onkar Patil, the students started the activity of bird feeding.

         Under this initiative, a special kind of stand has been prepared in the school premises and two earthen pots have been placed in them. Water and food are kept for the parties every day.

         Therefore, shelter and food and water have been provided in the school premises and every student is taking the initiative to provide food and water for the birds in the shade of their house. There is no doubt that this small activity will create awareness among the students about their responsibility towards the environment.