Imprisonment for 5 years for the accused who tortured Buddhist youths in Nagar district…  — The inhuman sequence of events, the tyrant was beaten in the mouth, beaten to death…  — Otherwise you will have to get on the road.:- Charandas Ingole’s warning…


 Yuvraj Dongre/Khallar

            Four Buddhist youths were arrested at Haregaon under Srirampur taluka police station in Ahmednagar district on suspicion of stealing only pigeons and goats.

 Stripped and hanged upside down from a tree, brutally beaten.

             The casteist village thugs who beat them did not stop there, but made them lick their spittle and made them lick their faces and did a very disgusting thing.

           The People’s Republican Party strongly condemned such abominable atrocities and demanded that the accused be banished from the district for five years along with village ban through a statement given to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister through the Collector of Amravati under the leadership of People’s Republican Party’s Maharashtra Region Working President Charandas Ingole.

            On behalf of the People’s Republican Party, on behalf of the People’s Republican Party, the Chief Minister of the state through Dr. Vivek Ghodke, Resident Deputy Collector of Amravati District, protested against this incident on August 30 on behalf of the People’s Republican Party. And in the statement submitted to the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister, Charandas Ingole has mentioned that efforts are being made to create communal terror in the progressive Maharashtra by adopting different methods of atrocities on Dalits-Buddhists-Backward Classes in the state.

A vivid example of this is the incident that took place at Haregaon in Nagar district, which tarnishes humanity? Since the government does not take proper notice of the oppression of Dalit backward class Buddhists and the Atrocities Act is not effectively implemented as it should be, the oppressive tendencies of the village goons suffering from caste mentality are not properly curbed as a result of which the morale of such Mastwal village goons is increased and there are allegations of repeated incidents of atrocities. Charandas Ingole has done this through a statement.

             So, to prevent the increasing rate of torture, the state government needs to take strict measures, not only by completing the formality of the investigation of torture and taking firm action against the accused, but also by taking a strict decision to teach a lesson to the casteist oppressors by banning the accused from staying in the village for the next 5 years. A major demand has been made on behalf of the People’s Republican Party that they should be expelled from the district, and if the indifference of the government and the inaction of the police administration to prevent the atrocities that seek to create communal terror, henceforth the People’s Republican Party will have to take the law into its hands and take to the streets through agitation. Charandas Ingole has given this warning to the Chief Minister and Home Minister through a statement.

                While giving a statement through a delegation led by Charandas Ingole, City President Advocate Deepak Akode, City Working President Vasudev Samtkar, District Vice President Janrao Watane, District General Secretary Gangadhar Khadse, District Youth Working President Sunil Ingole, Chandrabhan Mohod, Suresh Bahadure, Pradeep Dhembare, Balasaheb Ingole, Chandrakant Rangari, Babulal Raut. Along with this, other activists were present.