Shiv Sena chief Mr. Uddhavrao Thackeray is alert and vigilant, he will not threaten the people…  — BJP anti-people party?  — other…


 Pradeep Ramteke

      Chief Editor

               Shiv Sena chief and former Chief Minister Mr. Uddhavrao Thackeray’s definition of “slave and helpless free”, simple and straightforward, towards the people of Maharashtra and the country, seems to be alert and alert.

                The Sangharsh Yatra and the meetings planned by him to repeatedly warn the citizens of Maharashtra state have become important to get the citizens of Maharashtra state out of the emotional trap of “BJP and its friendly party” doing less work and more strength.

               At the same time, the BJP’s central government and the Shinde-BJP government in the state of Maharashtra revealed their bombshell policy in front of the people of Maharashtra. Tearing off the burqas, they took it well and took the air out of their chaotic speech.

         Deputy leader Sushmatai Andhare along with women officials of Shiv Sena continued the existence of atrocities on women in Maharashtra state and painted a true picture of the working methods of Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis before the people of Maharashtra state.

              Deputy leader Sushmatai Andhare put a legal finger on many policies of the central government and the state government and tore the BJP’s gimmick by telling the public the clarity of their policies in legal terms.

          Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Rao Thackeray, Khasdar Sanjay Raut, Legislative Council Opposition Leader Ambadas Danve, MP Bhaskar Jadhav, Deputy Leader Sushmatai Andhare and other office bearers of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra state are giving immediate concrete answer, so it will not be inappropriate to say that they are protecting and protecting the people of Maharashtra state. (I believe that Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, Dalit Panthers, Congress, Nationalist Congress, BSP also have an important role in this.)

              However, since Shiv Sena deputy leader Sushmatai Andhare kept adding legal terminology during the press conference, the leaders of the ruling party in Maharashtra state, their MPs and MLAs have been fooled to fool the people of Maharashtra state.

            Due to this, it cannot be denied that they might be making hidden efforts to bring Sushmatai Andhare into the limelight. However, it is equally true that the BJP-Shinde government cannot bring Sushmatai Andhare into the limelight for no reason as Shiv Sena chief Uddhavrao Thackeray is keeping a keen eye on everyone’s affairs in Maharashtra.

             Former Chief Minister Uddhav Rao Thackeray’s Shiv Sena party, as it is a party of office bearers and workers who give immediate answers, the ways of those who throw unnecessary bombs for no reason seem to be closed to a large extent.

              It can be seen from many policies that BJP is openly anti-Bahujan and anti-people. This party plans a policy and uses a lot of propaganda to pretend that it is in the interest of the people when it is not in the interest of the people no.

           If the leadership of BJP was for public welfare, then they would have performed their duties according to the Indian constitution and effectively implemented public interest policies according to the Indian constitution. But, it is not seen from them.

The central government of BJP is anti-people, that is why they would not have passed 1) anti-farmer, 3 agriculture laws, 2) anti-people new citizenship law, 3) anti-Bahujan women reservation law in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

               Ideally, the central government would not have ordered all the state governments in the country to “forcefully implement the contract recruitment process in government offices” and would not have submitted such information to the Supreme Court regarding the contract recruitment process.

            At the same time, 95% of the upper castes would not have been taken to the post of chancellor of the university in the academic field, leaving out the upstarts from the Bahujan community, and the elite people of the RSS ideology would not have been given place in the recruitment process for the principal and other posts under the university.

               It is well recognized by the BJP leadership and other humanistic elites that the citizens of the Bahujan community within India are educated but not educated and aware.

              That is why they are being kept wrapped up in anti-Bahujan cultural festivals and sentimental thoughts. Anti-Bahujan society thoughts are being consciously imposed on them through cultural programs.

             The reason for this is that they should never be able to recognize the importance of education, politics, society, administrative system, industrial sector and self-society culture – self-society interest and the Bahujan society should not preserve its culture, should not root its culture in our society, its original and best culture. According to this, careful caution is being taken by the upper caste people of the humanistic thought array and their ideologically-mentally slave colleagues in the Bahujan society.

           Ideally, not to control inflation, not to remove the problem of unemployment, not to give guaranteed price to farmers, not to make all education free and without power, not to give equal opportunities to the upstarts of the Bahujan community in government and semi-government offices, not to provide reservation laws to all marginalized-deprived-exploited communities in the country. not doing caste wise census, not providing timely scholarship to the students, repeatedly waiving loans of trillions of rupees to the capitalists and repeatedly giving loans of trillions of rupees to the same borrowers, not waiving the loans of farmers, not fulfilling the promises made to the people, renegades He has made it clear that BJP’s main policy is to implement activities to inculcate the word Mayajal on the citizens.

             If the central government of BJP is making a law giving 10 percent economic reservation to the upper castes and the Supreme Court is accepting such reservation, then why did the central government of BJP not make a reservation law to protect and restore the rights of the citizens of the Bahujan community? ..

             The BJP, which discriminates among the citizens of the country by treating one as mother and the other as aunt, is now clearly visible to the citizens of the country.

          The central government of BJP has unlimited rupees to build internal communication and waterways, metro lines, many kinds of big buildings, auditoriums and to frequently waive the loans of trillions of rupees to the capitalists close to them. But there are no rupees to improve the citizens of Bahujan society. understand?

                Ideally, BJP MPs and MLAs in the Bahujan community are seen speaking as their party leadership tells them to. Going beyond this, they do not even speak in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad and out of the house for the benefit and advancement of their own community, and they are not found speaking on important issues in the Bahujan community. If the citizens of the Bahujan community play the roles within the country, it means drowning the Bahujan community in the water.

            If all the Indians of the country take into account all the policies of the BJP, it will become clear that this party is “anti-majority or anti-Bahujan Samaj” party!…

                 As the Bahujan society loses its ability to recognize itself according to its ideological capacity, it is seen that the Bahujan society is going into the abyss by losing its ideological capacity.

                 However, it is a clear fact that Shiv Sena chief Uddhavrao Thackeray’s blunt role and outspoken approach is influencing the politics and social causes of the country including the state of Maharashtra.

              That’s why I consider Shiv Sena chief Uddhavrao Thackeray…