Nari Shakti Vandan Enactment Bill i.e. Women Reservation Bill is very dangerous…  — There is no place for OBC and minority women in the reservation bill.  — 22 and a half percent reservation quota for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, 33 percent reservation for women…  — Do MPs from OBC, SC, ST, Minority categories sleep in the Lok Sabha?  Today we are remembering Honorable Kanshiram Saheb who worked fearlessly and fulfilled his duty and Samajwadi leader and former Union Minister Sharad Yadav.



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

          In the four-day special session of the Lok Sabha from September 18 to 22, the BJP and allied central government passed the 33 percent women’s reservation bill in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha with great fanfare after discussing the “Women’s Power Salutation Act Bill” under the constitutional amendment under Article 128.

            However, as caste-wise quota for OBC and minority women has not been reserved in this women’s reservation bill, this Nari Shakti Vandan Act bill is harmful to the basic rights of OBC and minority women and keeps them away from the central government of the country, so the said women’s reservation bill is dangerous.

            Along with this, while providing 33 percent reservation for women in the said reservation bill, “from the 22 and a half percent quota of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, since the said reservation bill has been approved, their role in the premeditated ploy and premeditated will of the SC and ST women has become public.

Due to this, if we consider the said Nari Shakti Vandan Act Bill from a long-term perspective and if we look at the educational, economic and social status of women in the Bahujan society in the country, it is clear that the Nari Shakti Vandan Act Bill was approved for the benefit of upper caste women and to give them representation in the Lok Sabha.

            As the caste system prevails in this country, it is obvious that the cases of high and low levels arise in places and the cases of injustice and oppression are intensified.

            At the same time, since the progress of the country in terms of social justice and social equality is at a terribly slow pace and due to this slow pace, the system of exploitation by the exploiters continues in the country even today and under the system of exploitation by the exploiters, the roots of social, educational, economic, political and administrative inequality have been deeply rooted. can’t deny

            All injustice is not the same and poverty is not the same. It is clear from the passed Women’s Reservation Bill that the Central Government is not aware of this.

              Capitalist policies that do not give respect to women in the Bahujan society, which is in the grip of inequality and underdevelopment, have been brought back through the women’s reservation legislation.

            It is surprising that the MPs from the ruling party and the opposition, OBC, SC, ST and minority cadres in the Lok Sabha are not aware that the said capital policy and unequal policy keep the citizens and women of the Bahujan community away from equal participation in the government and administrative process and from the flow of the main system.

             Under the 33 percent women’s reservation bill, when injustice was done to OBC, SC, ST, minority women of the Bahujan community, since all the parties supported this bill, what should be said about the irresponsible duty of the MPs of all the parties?

Ideally, all the MPs in the Bahujan community are educated and useful to the society.

               What should we say to the MPs from OBC, SC, ST, minority communities who are exposing their immature knowledge and their inefficiency by supporting the Nari Shakti Vandan Bill against the women of their own Bahujan society? It can be seen that they have brought time for the society to think seriously about their relationship.


 Samajwadi leader and former Union Minister Sharad Yadav…

               Former Union Minister and Socialist leader Sharad Yadav always said that to avoid possible dangers of social harm, women’s reservation should be 50 percent and in this reservation bill, reserved quota for OBC, SC, ST and minority women should be ensured, only then the women’s reservation bill can be justified.


 Honorable Kanshiram Saheb’s Bahujan Samaj love and friendship and duty…

                After the world famous Prakand Pandit, Prajnasurya and the great man Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, while making the citizens of the country alert and aware, “Honorable Kanshiram Saheb, while commenting on all kinds of injustices in the country, said that..

          “The greater the number, the greater his shar…                                                        …”vot hamara raj tumara, nahi chalega nahi chalega…                                                     –— Apply the Mandal Commission, lower the Varna chair….

Of course, he always used to say that the injustice in this country can be removed only if the citizens and women of the poor, deprived, exploited, weak Bahujan community of this country should get a share in power and administrative system and in other areas according to their population.

          And they would say that if we cannot give our share, you should leave power.

           When they are struggling for the social and political transformation of the country, they must urge the citizens, women, young men and women, farmers, laborers, students and students of the Bahujan community to bring the government of your thoughts to the country and the state.

            Ideally, you should always be wary of brokers and brokers from the ruling party and other parties working against you and remove such brokers and brokers from the society.

If you don’t guard against all the Bahujan opposition party brokers and spoons who are trying to degrade you, you will see your political and administrative end..

            If we study the great work and great duty of Mr. Kanshiram Saheb in alerting the citizens and women of the Bahujan community in the country of India as above, then his affinity, longing, friendship, love towards the Bahujan community, in today’s condition, can be seen.

             Because the decisions of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government under the BJP party and its allies, in favor of the capitalists, the approval of the bill, their strong implementation and the policy against the women of the Bahujan Samaj under the reservation bill for women are reminiscent of honorable Kanshi Ram Saheb.

          Along with this, former Samajwadi leader Sharad Yadav is remembered…


              On the whole, the Women’s Reservation Bill is a threat to the women of the Bahujan community and keeps them away from the central government. The leaders, activists, citizens and women of various parties and social organizations of the Bahujan community should understand that the said Nari Shakti Vandan Bill is dangerous. should be opposed…