Dabun royalty theft and Chimur Assembly Constituency…  — Public Works Department National Highways and National Highways Authority of India road works bogus?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

           Khorun Kharun Murum-Mati has been excavated continuously since 2017 in the area of Chimur Assembly Constituency.

           And all excavated murum-mati metal has been used for road constructions done by National Highways Authority of India Office Gadchiroli, Public Works Sub Divisional Engineer Office Chimur, Executive Engineer Public Works Office Nagbhid.

             In reality, soil is not used for the construction of state roads. However, under Chimur Tehsil Office and under Chandrapur Collectorate (Mining) license for mining, a huge amount of soil and mud has been mined in Chimur Assembly Constituency, legally and illegally, and a lot of soil including mud has been used for road construction. .

                Due to this, it is possible to say that the road works carried out under both the offices are of poor quality. It is also obvious that the materials were not used as per the rules in both types of road construction.

              Are the bogus works of the state highway and illegal excavation of murum-soil acceptable to the central government and the state government in the duty of concealment?