Sunset of Democracy and Constitution…

      “In the nectar jubilee year of the constitution, all the constitutional institutions are breaking down..!

         And we (intellectuals and the general public) can do nothing but watch idly in our own confused mental circles.

              This is definitely not the time to look for an answer as to why this is our situation. We need solutions and answers or a solution to the problem. Because it has become our permanent nature. The main reason for this is the pre-independence grip on us of religious practices, which has prevented us from becoming rational. So these are the conditions.

           But in democracy, the higher the awareness percentage of the people, the more alive the democracy is, the less it is on the verge of destruction.

             Today, our ideological backwardness has been taken advantage of by diplomacy in all constitutional institutions (legislature, executive, judiciary, journalism, CBI, CAG, RBI, etc.) and politicians have permanently encroached through political parties.

              Therefore, as we have not been able to create awareness of this constitution and democracy and innovate through action, today the above congregation is beating us. These anti-constitutional forces seem to want on the democratic values of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity.

           Can a true Ambedkarist, constitutionalist, humanist individual or group of individuals see all this with open eyes..?

            Constitution and the sunrise of democracy only 75 years ago can see sunset in just 75 years…..?

            Can never see. We can never see……

      Therefore, according to this principle, I in duty and we in right, from August 15, 2024, I am going to start a small vision to end this diplomacy from the country permanently. For that, we expect body, mind and money. Will you cooperate with them?

  “May the answers be silent…

 Be it negative…

 Or positive.

 I am not one to stop from duty..!

         Because everyone should understand that the crisis that has befallen me and my country, the constitution, and democracy today. It is my duty to hang that crisis on the world’s doorstep.

       I will devote my life to the above principles.

      Because I don’t want the sun to set…

        Because those based on humanism and truth have always won. This global proof is buried in history. For that only we have to be Kubera of “Self-Confidence” based on sacrifice, readiness for struggle and dedication….

         Anant kerbaji Bhavare

       Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689 ..